Unable to Visit the Salon? Here’s the Perfect Alternative!

Unable to Visit the Salon? Here’s the Perfect Alternative!
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

The novel coronavirus has changed our lives drastically. It has introduced us to a new normal that is likely to be a part of our lives for at least a few more months to come.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been making an appeal to maintain social distancing as it is an effective means to avoid the spread of the virus. In such a scenario, it is only wise to avoid visiting salons, restaurants, malls and other places where you may come in contact with other people.

But this doesn’t mean you have to put your life to a stand still. Just as you can prepare delicious food and delectable cocktails and enjoy movies at home, you can even conduct all the salon treatments on your own. Seems difficult? It won’t, by the time you finish reading this article.

Removing Unwanted Hair at Home

Salon treatments such as face cleansing, facial, head massage, pedicure and manicure can be conducted at home with little effort. You just need high quality products for these. The procedure involved in these treatments is quite easy and can very well be accomplished by anyone. The main challenge is to remove unwanted hair. Most of us head to the salon to get our hair waxed as it is difficult to conduct this procedure at home. Though many women have started using razors to shave off those unwanted hair ever since LA went under a lockdown, however it hasn’t proved to be a great choice as it leaves the skin rough and the re-grown hair coarse. Besides, the hair re-grows really fast.

The best way to remove hair in such a scenario (and even otherwise) is sugaring. Sugaring procedure can be conducted at home in a few easy steps. It pulls hair from the roots leaving the skin soft and smooth for weeks. Besides, it is a painless procedure. Bikini sugaring wax has been quite popular among women around the world for these very reasons. 

Simple Steps to Conduct Sugaring

Let us take a quick look at the steps involved in conducting sugaring:

  • Warm up the paste to spread it smoothly on the skin.
  • Apply it against the direction of the hair.
  • Press it hard against the skin so that the hair get stuck on it.
  • Hold the paste from the edge and pull it quickly in the direction of the hair to give way to soft and hairless skin.
  • You may reapply the paste in case you still see some hair on your skin. Re-applying does not cause redness or abrasion.

You do not require indulging in extensive post sugaring care as it does not leave any sticky residue behind. Just use a wet cloth to wipe off your skin.

It is advised to wear soft cotton clothes and avoid strenuous exercise regime for around 24 – 48 hours post the procedure.   

So, just order sugaring kit from a good brand to get rid of those unwanted hair effortlessly.