Want to Ditch the Flashy Life of Las Vegas? Egypt is Waiting for You With These Tips

Want to Ditch the Flashy Life of Las Vegas? Egypt is Waiting for You With These Tips
Image by 6557056 from Pixabay

Las Vegans live in a different world. You don’t have to find lights, fun, and life there. They all find you. And who doesn’t like living in a world that gives you chances to enjoy every day to the fullest? But experiencing different colors of life is also important. And if a Las Vegan wants a 360-degree change in life, nothing is better than visiting Egypt. Leaving behind the colorful life and limelight of Sin City and entering into the dunes filled world of Pharaoh can be a way too different experience, and worth taking a fling. 

Egypt is a land where nature and humans have splashed their share of colors and made it a place where you see diverse spectacular sites in the form of the Nile River, the Sahara Desert, and archaeological antiquities. So if you want to escape the modernity of the 21st century and take a plunge into the beauty of the advanced ancient culture, nothing can be better than Egypt.

But before bringing your adventurous plan into action and start looking at Egypt travel packages, here is what you need to know about Egypt to avoid any hilarious experience out of the blue.

Safety Level of Egypt

No place is perfect; we all know that. We can encounter harassers, thugs, bullies, and extremists anywhere. So there isn’t any wonder that you can find such people here as well. But contrary to what media shows and projects, things are not that bad. American Travel Advisory has marked Egypt as a level 3 country, but we know that governments always tilt to a more cautious end.

This level 3 caution is not applied to the whole country. It means some places are better off than other places. So instead of canceling your program, it is better to take precautionary measures. Like, avoid border areas, too crowded places, have medical insurance, and keep a contingency plan in case of any emergency.

Learn Some Basic Language Phrases

Egyptians speak Arabic, and if you know its basic phrases, you can save yourself on so many levels. It is not only about better communication with locals, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, and restaurant attenders. It also helps you to avoid any scam, miscommunication, keep things in your control, and earn a bit of respect from locals that you are really interested in their culture.

Keep Change for Tips

If you are coming from America, then this thing wouldn’t be that difficult for you because the tipping scene is full-on in the U.S. as well. It is just that you have to keep on following this practice here as well. Egyptian have low basic salaries, so tipping is their extra source of income for them. And they expect from you to generously give them a tip. Significantly, if you are a Westerner, get ready to meet people who will expect a lot of tips from you. From hotel staff, luggage carrier to toilet keepers, everyone is looking at your pocket. So don’t forget to carry along change to save yourself from any embarrassment.

Now you know if you want to ditch the extravaganza of Las Vegas and take some time off while exploring antiquity, culture, and rawness of life, Egypt is the perfect place. But don’t forget to remember the above-given tips to enjoy your experience to the fullest.