Some Unique Slot Machines That Only Vegas Can Offer

Some Unique Slot Machines That Only Vegas Can Offer
Some Unique Slot Machines That Only Vegas Can Offer
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Vegas is famous for many things. From the magnificent Vegas strip, the Bellagio Fountains and also the Grand Canyon, you will be spoiled for choice. Looking at what’s on offer, it shows that Vegas does not do simple things. So if we consider that it is one of the prime gambling locations in the world, we know there is bound to be more to this story. So what is it? Well, Vegas has exclusive slot machine games that you will not find anywhere else in the world. This article takes a look at these iconic games and what makes them so extraordinary.

The Slotzilla Zip Line

This is unlike anything you have experienced before. For $25 slots enthusiasts can become part of the game on a zip line along Fremont Street. You will zip a distance of over 250metres in a seated position. There are four lines on the lower level and four more at the top. The top-level is dubbed the zoom line. The investment for accessing the top level is a little more. You will need $49 but this is only because you get double the fun. You will glide above in a superman position for over 500metres to the Golden Gate. 

Big Slot Machines 

There is no doubt that a real Las Vegas casino experience is priceless, but online gaming also has its charm and, above all, many advantages. Just think of the free slots no deposit bonus that allow you to start playing without investing your own money. But for those who crave the real machines, you can get your ideal fix in a big way. 

Bally’s casino in Las Vegas is the location of Big Bertha and Super Big Bertha. These are two humongous machines with giant displays and a massive lever. But Bally’s is not the only home of big slot machines in Las Vegas. These iconic machines are also found at Four Queens Casino, the Wynn Las Vegas, and Barney’s Casino. One thing you can be sure of is that wherever you find big slots, they are a very popular attraction.

The Sigma Derby 

The Sigma Derby 

This is one slot machine game where you can enjoy with your friends. Sigma Derby slots first came online in 1985. The idea of merging horse racing and slot machines proved very popular. Their recent fall from grace was not because of lack of interest. Compared to some machines taking up less space, casinos made less on Sigma Derby. Plus, because these are old machines, repairs tend to be on the high side. If you are a Sigma derby enthusiast you need not fret. There are still a couple of places you get some action. The D and MGM Las Vegas still carry these games, you can walk in and take a walk down memory lane.

Classic Slots

The D Las Vegas houses a selection of entertaining classic slots. These machines have been given a new life from their previous base the Riviera, which is now shut down. The D Las Vegas got 850 classic slots from the Riv and started swapping them with the slot machines that were on the second floor. So far a total of 200 games have been set up at the Riv and also at the Golden State.

Antique Slots

The Main Street Hotel provides a unique proposition. It houses some of the oldest slot machines you will ever find. Some have been recorded to date back to the 1930s. The kicker is you can look all you want but you cannot play them. The games are displayed in glass shells where enthusiasts can admire and relieve the roots of slot machine games. The antique slots collection is a fitting addition to a hotel dedicated to the preservation of artistic relics from a long-gone era.

Silver Strike

This slot machine is at the Four Queens. It offers one of the best ways to collect souvenirs to remember your well-spent trip to Vegas. The game pays a combination of both cash and silver tokens. The coin values that come from the machine vary, but it can be as much as $300 for a single coin. Many players who take on this game often opt to keep the silver tokens instead of redeeming them for cash. They usually come in a protective plastic sheath, which makes them great collectables. Players have affectionately dubbed this slot machine game, the Silver State.