Why You Should Ship Your Car Instead of Using a Drive Away Service

Why You Should Ship Your Car Instead of Using a Drive Away Service
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Lately, various means have evolved that allow you to move your car from one place to another. There are several methods of shipping a car and each one has its safety and economical importance. However, a new trend of drive away services has made a lot of noise in the recent past. 

Per the expert car moving companies at movingfeedback.com, car owners are more than intimidated about the drive-away services and whether they are worth ditching the professional car shipping services. While each one would have their own benefits, we recommend choosing credible car shipping companies over any other option. This article has all the information you need to make an informed decision:

What is a drive away service?

Drive away services, as the name suggests, is a service in which car owners pay someone to drive their car to the destination. This service is often utilized by vehicle shippers to transport buses and other heavy vehicles like RVs.

Why drive away services have become popular

A few companies providing vehicle transportation services are more concerned about the resources invested in car transportation. They consider driving away services better because they take less time to transport the vehicle to the destination. It is noteworthy that these transporters certainly aren’t considered about the effects of the weather condition on the vehicle along the way. 

Besides, it is a great business for those who love to drive or often travel and can make money by taking a car of someone else along for the journey. The drive away car equation demands a lot of trust and communication from both the ends. 

Why wouldn’t I choose a drive away service over car shipping?

We must discuss some of the factors related to drive away services in advance. First of all, when you choose a drive away services, your vehicle will be exposed to all types of environmental conditions along the way. Besides, the exposure to all kinds of roads can wreak havoc on your tires, engine, fluids, time belt as well as the outer body of the vehicle, possibly causing you a lot of expenses. 

Second and a very important to note reason is that the drivers associated with drive away services are not always professionals. The only requirement to become a driver for a drive away service is that the driver must have a driver’s license, clean driving history, and insurance coverage. This determines out how formal or informal the service can be. 

You increase your carbon footprint as you allow someone to drive your car to a distant address. As the vehicle travels on the road for a long-distance, it creates a lot of pollution. 

How car shipping service is beneficial

There are multiple benefits of shipping a car with the help of car shipping companies. Let discuss some of them:


Yes, you get to save on car miles as well as the expenditure on gas and maintenance when you choose to ship a car using professional help

Less wear and tear

It is obvious that the more the car will be driven, the more it will be exposed to wear and tear of all kinds. By choosing the movers, you can minimize risk and ensure a well-maintained car. 

Assistance from the professionals

The process of moving a car can be very hectic. Thankfully, when you engage a professional car shipping service, you can get great assistance. From taking care of the car during the transit to covering all the damages in case of an untoward incident, the transport company will ensure you do not have to struggle with the process from start till end. 

Less expensive

Because car shippers move a lot of vehicles at a single shift, you can get the advantage of low pricing. Contrary to this, a drive away service can be way more expensive and unreliable. 

Finally, if you are choosing to drive the car yourself, you must know that you will be driving miles away from home and there are chances of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Are you ready to take the risk?

What should you choose?

All the information, mentioned above clearly indicates that choosing a drive away service may not be a wise decision. On the other hand, hiring a car shipping service from a reputed company is far more reliable. The professionals have the right experience and skills to handle your vehicle and offer you a safe transportation deal. Besides, the best movers take the onus of safely moving your vehicle, leaving you with no stress and more time and resource to dedicate to your search for the best storage units and packing supplies. So we recommend that you must choose a car shipping company over any other option.