For Residential Elevators, Las Vegas is the Place

Las Vegas is known worldwide as a gaming, vacation, resort capital that attracts hundreds of millions of visitors each year. But behind the shiny facade, that includes dozens of major hotels, casinos, and night clubs, is another Las Vegas. Amid all the glitter and bright lights, it’s easy to forget that the desert town in Nevada is also home to about 700,000 people who go to work every day, send their kids off to school, and rarely think about the flashy side of their hometown, unless they take an occasional trip to one of the resorts for a show or meal.

Why is This Place So Special?

One of the features of the world’s most fabulous city, as locals call it, is the amazing number of residential elevators. What is it that makes Vegas such a big part of the in-home elevator market? For starters, the city boasts one of the most diverse real estate markets in the U.S. Homes range in size from tiny to palatial, and include all sorts of creature comforts, additions, and desert-only amenities, like plexiglass roofs and cactus gardens. As any local real estate professional will attest, the world’s vacation mecca is also a place where you can find houses of every size, shape, and architectural style. It’s part of the town’s personality to attempt to offer everything to everyone.

A Family Friendly Future

The State of Nevada has made great strides in transforming its biggest city from a tiny casino town in the desert to a family friendly mecca that attracts tour groups and individual travelers from everywhere. It’s a city with art museums, water parks, some of the best restaurants on earth, beautiful hiking trails, pleasant weather, cool nights, and homes to suit a wide variety of tastes.

The Trend Continues

People who move to Las Vegas do so for a number of reasons. Some go there to retire, others to take jobs in the burgeoning tech, resort, gaming, finance, or tourism industries. Because it’s a growing city with a relatively young population, you can look in almost any direction and see new homes going up. Many older folks who decide to make the sunny town their retirement spot want places to live that are safe and convenient. And younger couples who purchase new houses often demand modern amenities, like elevators, that not only add uniqueness to the abode but bring built-in resale value too.

The Reality of New Architecture

Once a rarity in housing, residential elevators are showing up in new developments all over the world, not just in Nevada’s famous gaming town. One elevator company that serves the local housing market, Lifton, is seeing the trend first-hand. Not only are young families and retirees opting for in-home elevators as a way to boost the potential resale value of their homes, but they view them as a way for older residents and visitors to safely travel from floor to floor. No one, especially seniors, wants to worry about the severe physical injuries that can result from a fall down a flight of stairs. Likewise, people with toddlers know the dangers of long staircases and are happy to have any alternative.