Follow These 5 Easy Steps To Create A Sports Highlight Video

Follow These 5 Easy Steps To Create A Sports Highlight Video

Sports highlight videos are highly produced videos that can grab a more extensive base of audience. The goal is to create entertaining, fun to watch highlight videos. If a video editor has valued entertainment more than facts, the sports highlight video would be a charm. Highlight videos do require a lot more effort than the regular videos you are making but can prove very beneficial for your organization.

Highlight videos, especially in sports, have a very long life which can even be beneficial after the sporting event is over. These videos, having a timeframe of around 2 to 3 minutes, can prove essential for organizations if done the right way.

The steps mentioned here will help you create a great sports video. 

Five steps to creating sports highlight video:

  1. Skimming techniques:

There are three techniques that you can use to make a video highlight for sports. Turning hours of video footage into just 2 minutes of power-packed video can be difficult but using these techniques will make it easier.

  • Film every play individually. Try to keep the clips between a timeframe of 15 to 30 seconds. This will enable you to have high-quality footage for less than 20 minutes which you can further render down very quickly.
  • Keep a pencil and a notepad with you so you can note the time when something interesting takes place.
  • Give maximum priority to the clips where the crowd cheers for their team. You can load the video to the software and then look for the audio graph. Adding the cheer of the crowd to the video highlight can be rewarding.
  1. Video Resolution: 

One of the main things to be decided before the game is deciding on the required video resolution. Make sure to choose a video resolution that is easily manageable across devices. This will help you to transfer and render your videos very quickly. 

One good advice would be not to use HD quality resolution videos. HD video files are huge and can be challenging to transfer quickly. Choose a resolution that is widely used by people around the globe.

  1. Editing:

Editing will turn out to be very simple if all the steps mentioned above have been kept in mind. These tips can be used to keep the final video short and attractive to viewers. 

  • Select the best highlights in your video and spread them throughout the video. This works well when there are 2 or 3 chosen highlights.
  • Use music and cheers of the crowds to add excitement to your highlight video.
  • Include clips of as many athletes and spectators as you can. Videos highlight clips of infamous rookie and players have more chances of being shared by them.
  • Match the music with the original audio at places where necessary.
  • The brightness and color of a video clip can help connect to a large number of audience.
  • There are some cool best online video editors which you can try to edit your videos smoothly or add text to them.
  1. Posting the Video

Editing your video is not the end as the promotional work starts now. Videos must be posted to generate maximum views on YouTube and other platforms. Be sure to keep the title very descriptive. Keywords also play a vital role in determining the popularity of the video. Always turn the privacy setting to allow viewing by the public as this will allow the video to be watched by more people.

Choose the appropriate category. One of the best ways to post a highlight video is by tagging it properly. You can add text to your videos before uploading it.

  1. Promoting the Video:

The last step to give your video the boost it requires is by promoting it on various platforms across the internet. Share the videos on Twitter, Facebook and all other Social Media platforms as possible. You can also use a Youtube video editor to share it on Youtube. Finally, post the video on your organization’s website. 

Sharing the highlight video with your sponsors and partners can prove to be very rewarding. You can also send your video in an e-newsletter.


Creating highlight videos can be difficult, but with these tips and tricks, no more! The suggestions mentioned above will help you create a highlight video that can turn heads.