Las Vegas NFL 2020 Odds: Ranking The Thirteen Best Quarterbacks Today

Las Vegas NFL 2020 Odds: Ranking The Thirteen Best Quarterbacks Today
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

With the dominating victory of the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers last Super Bowl LIV, the NFL will be heading to the 2020 campaign. The NFL regular season this year is set to start on September 10, 2020, at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Houston Texans take the guest over a home-court advantage for the Chiefs. 

With a lot of drama happening during the first-ever virtual NFL Draft, there’s a lot of things at stake in the 2020 NFL season. Aside from the trading of big players offered by glaring million-dollar contracts, the race to the best quarterbacks is also highly anticipated. The QB’s play the biggest role as they lead the overall offense. 

Hence, the football community continuously does its best to rank the NFL’s best quarterbacks’ lines and odds. As we draw near to the NFL opening day, let’s know who are the current odds for the NFL in the quarterback position in today’s chart. 

Patrick Mahomes (+400)

At a young age, Patrick Mahomes is a rising superstar in the world of football. He was the man behind the Chiefs’ success last year, and he’s returning this season topping the ranking as the most favorite quarterbacks. Mahomes will surely boost his skills working with existing and new talents that the Chiefs have in the current roster. 

Lamar Jackson (+700) 

The  Baltimore Raven made their entry to the league playoffs last NFL season, and Lamar Jackson was the man behind this. By the time he joined the Ravens in 2018, he immediately made an impact of being the NFL Most Valuable Player.  Today, he’s odds are at +700, which is quite impressive sitting next to Mahomes. 

Russell Wilson (+800) 

The Seattle Seahawks might have hustled last NFL season very hard, but they will surely get back in shape this coming NFL season. Wilson has been known as one of the best quarterback talents ever recruited by the team, and he only needs to step-up so they can head onto the playoffs knowing that he’s an NFL Passer Rating Leader. 

Dak Prescott (+1400)

Leaving the Mississippi State College with flying colors, Dak Prescott has grown a lot as a quarterback since he joined the Dallas Cowboys in 2016. He immediately won the Rookie Award upon entering the team in the said year. In four years, Prescott has established his name in the NFL as one of the toughest quarterbacks. 

Tom Brady (+1600) 

After the distress he experienced with the Pats last year when the Titans devastated them in the Wildcard Playoffs, Brady had to switch his destiny, agreeing to a contract with the Buccaneers in the upcoming NFL season. Although he’s one of the veteran quarterbacks in the NFL stage, his fame is not fading. 

Carson Wentz (+2000) 

Surprisingly, Carson Wentz has made his way to the top, edging other QBs on the chart. After attending North Dakota State,  he was highly recruited by Philadelphia Eagles to start as a quarterback. Though the Eagles are continuously struggling in the playoffs due to a challenging schedule framework, Wentz can indeed make an impact this year. 

Drew Brees (+2500) 

His loyalty to the New Orleans Saints since he joined in 2006 has brought a lot of pride to the team. Today, Drew Brees is continuing his legacy of playing as the quarterback for fourteen straight years. Arguably, Brees has already made the best achievements in his football career, which he can be proud of in his entire existence. 

Kyler Murray (+2500) 

Kyler Murray, a Heisman Trophy awardee, is a quarterback playing for the Arizona Cardinals in the upcoming NFL season. He only joined the team last year but has recorded impressive numbers. Today, in his second year of playing for the team, Murray is expected to soar high, bringing his team to the playoffs. 

DeShaun Watson (+2500) 

DeShaun Watson was at Pick No.12 in the 2017 Round 1 Draft, where he joined the Houston Texans without any doubt. As the team’s quarterback, the Texans became one of the AFC’s best and will play in the opening game this season. He’s also one of the few quarterbacks who made several accomplishments before joining professional football. 

Jimmy Garappolo (+3000) 

Making the tenth spot in the odds ranking for the best quarterbacks today is Jimmy Garappolo. The San Francisco 49ers traded him in 2017, and last year, he did an impressive job bringing his team to the Super Bowl LIV finals. Although they were only a runner-up, Garappolo is a dangerous quarterback to note this upcoming NFL season. 

Cam Newton (+3000) 

Taking +3000 odds in today’s quarterback leaderboard, Cam Newton is heading to a better position. He will be replacing Tom Brady as the New England Patriots had traded him during the NFL Draft from the Panthers. During his stay with the Carolina Panthers, he made several accomplishments, including the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player and NFL Offensive Player of the Year. 

Aaron Rodgers (+3000) 

The Green Bay Packers still have the best man to tap in the quarterback as Aaron Rodgers continues his team’s loyalty. Today, he placed in the 12th spot in the quarterbacks’ leaderboard and might soar high when the NFL regular season begins. Rodgers won Super Bowl MVP in XLV edition and a two-time NFL MVP Awardee throughout his stay with the Packers. 

Baker Mayfield (+4000) 

Baker Mayfield was an Oklahoma Sooner Football alumnus and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in  2018. Since he worked as the starting quarterback for the Browns, Mayfield had established an impressive professional football career. Today, he joins the leaderboard as the top quarterback with +4000 odds. 


The role of the quarterback in a football team is challenging, especially in maintaining a solid offense. It is why they are highly recruited and should perform to the best of their ability to win every game they wrestle in. With the ten toughest quarterbacks today who topped the ranking, the 2020 NFL campaign will surely become more intensified.