How Do I Safely Ship A Car In An Enclosed Carrier?

How Do I Safely Ship A Car In An Enclosed Carrier?
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

Enclosed car shipping is done for multiple reasons. Some car owners don’t want to risk the weather elements, especially on long-distance transport, doing damage to their vehicle. Others prefer to use enclosed auto shipping because their car is classic or exotic, which translates to expensive and expensive repairs. 

Every year, Washington, DC, has its annual Washington, DC Auto Show. People come from all over to look at the vast display of cars ranging from exotic to classics. If you are bringing a car to put on display at the show, considering an enclosed carrier might be the most logical solution.

The time to make arrangements for your enclosed carrier is now. The Washington, DC Auto Show has already announced their 2021 dates (March 26-April 4) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Many professional transport companies are already seeing reservations being made for enclosed carrier transport to the auto show from Maryland. 

Once you reserve your enclosed carrier shipping spot, what considerations should you make when having the car transported? Transport companies will give you a “to-do” list prior to picking up your vehicle for the show. It is your responsibility to ensure these tasks are completed, or transport could be dangerous or services refused.

In order for your car to be safely transported via enclosed carrier, it is recommended that you have a mechanic look your car over. They should point out any leaks your car may have and fix them if necessary. If your car leaks, the company shipping it needs to be aware of it.

Any extras that might have been added to your car as an aftermarket addition should be removed if it could come off or break off during transport. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of these parts coming off your car and causing it damage while in transit.

If you have equipped the vehicle with an alarm, please disable it. In most terms and conditions, the driver has the authority to use whatever means necessary to turn off the alarm. This only occurs if you do not provide them with the keys to be able to disconnect it. 

The most critical request made by a company providing you with enclosed carrier services has to do with your gas tank. You should not fill your vehicle up right before the shipment. In fact, the transport company wants you to leave as little gas in the car as possible. A full tank of gas can add weight to your enclosed carrier shipment, which can increase your price. Gas is also highly flammable. More can go wrong inside an enclosed carrier if you have a full tank of gas than if you reduce it to the requested under a quarter of a tank full.

You may be a little leary about booking your enclosed auto carrier so far in advance, given the recent circumstances. Most professional auto transport companies require a minimal deposit to reserve your transport slot on their schedule. It’s more of a good-faith gesture that you won’t cancel on them.

Most contracts with a company also include cancelation policies. You have up to a specific date and time to cancel without losing that deposit. Obviously, unforeseen national shutdowns are likely to be exempt. We can only hope that given the current reopening, especially of the White House to tours, that the auto show won’t be canceled come March.

A word of advice though, make sure you read your contract with your enclosed carrier and ask if pandemic closings are exempt from the cancelation policy!