Las Vegas Has Re-Opened After Lockdown but It’s Not the Same as It Once Was

Las Vegas Has Re-Opened After Lockdown but It's Not the Same as It Once Was

Las Vegas was reopened on June the 4th, after months of being shut as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been nearly 70,000 cases of the virus in the state of Nevada, and there have been around 1,338 deaths in the area.

When it was put on lockdown, Las Vegas’ economy was hit hard. As a city that receives most of its revenue from tourism, Las Vegas plummeted into recession. Jeremy Aguero has stated that there has been an estimated 280,000 job losses in just two months of being in lockdown. He compares this to the great recession, where there were only 196,000 job losses over a space of 2 and a half years. Researchers have also suggested that it may take until 2022-2023 for the Las Vegas economy to recover.

Now Las Vegas has reopened, it remains to be seen whether or not Las Vegas will recover from this pandemic. However, despite the fact that Las Vegas has opened up to paying customers again, the city is not at all clear from the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, there are around 200-600 cases of positive COVID-19 a day. Because Las Vegas (and the rest of the USA) is still battling with this ongoing pandemic, the way it operates day-to-day has had to change. Here are some ways Las Vegas has had to alter its operations to cope with the current pandemic.

There are much smaller crowds

Many countries have placed the USA on a quarantine list. This means that if you travel anywhere in America, when you return to your home country, you have to be self-isolated for up to two weeks. This has made many people unwilling to travel as they don’t want to quarantine for two weeks.

With less people travelling to Las Vegas and Americans feeling uncertain and uneasy about the virus, it is no wonder that there are very few crowds in the city.

Masks are required

If you step into the casino floor anywhere in Las Vegas, you will be met with signage that tells you that you need to wear a mask. There are also hand sanitisation stations situated all over casino and hotel floors, as well as free masks and various other safety measures to make sure everyone enjoying Las Vegas can do so as safely as possible.

However, despite the fact that some casinos, hotels and restaurants have opened, many remain closed. For example, Planet Hollywood, The Cromwell and Rio Las Vegas are just three of the few places in the area that still shut.

You will also be expected to wear a mask in any social spaces (such as restaurants and receptions) in any hotels you are staying in. You may also notice that hotel rooms are starting to cost more, in a bid to boost hotels revenue that has been badly damaged by the coronavirus pandemic. There are also a number of hotel construction sites that are still being built, suggesting that people are optimistic that the city will recover and start booming again.

No night clubs or shows

One of the biggest attractions to Las Vegas is its nightclubs, and the majority of these still remain closed. This is because it would be nearly impossible to open a nightclub and maintain social distancing. Shows in the city are also not running.

Final words

Las Vegas has had to change as a result of the pandemic, and it may never get back to what it once was. However, hopefully the re-opening of some of the city will help the area recover from the aftermath of the pandemic.