Carmine’s & Virgil’s Offer Neighborhood Drop Program

Carmine's & Virgil's Offer Neighborhood Drop Program
Photo credit: Anthony Mair

Carmine’s and Virgil’s have introduced a new offering so that Summerlin and Henderson locals can get their fix of Italian and Barbecue without venturing down to The Strip.

Every other week the restaurants will be delivering to a local pick-up area with their Neighborhood Drop Off program.  The process is easy: 

  • Order online by the Wednesday prior to the pick-up date with a mix of items from Carmine’s and Virgil’s, totaling at least $100
  • Select location and date
  • Receive confirmation with pick up time and location (Lee’s Liquor parking lots in Summerlin and Henderson)
  • Pick-up at designated time.  Food is freshly made and delivered cold in safely sealed packaging, perfect for reheating throughout the week
  • Upcoming dates include September 4, 18 (Summerlin) and September 5, 19 (Henderson). 
  • Menus and order forms can be found here: