Local Author’s Book Aims to Impart Life Lessons to Readers

Las Vegas resident John Michael Stuart knows a thing or two about life challenges. Born with cerebral palsy, Stuart has not only faced obstacles, he has embraced them and written his first book to tell his tales, the motivational and inspirational “Perfect Circles: Redefining Perfection.”

Stuart’s book, which just finished its first round of printing, tells of his experiences in life, challenging readers of the book to face their own disabilities or ‘imperfections’ by rethinking the real meaning of ‘perfect.’

“Writing this book was very important to me,” said Stuart. “I wanted readers to understand the importance of how powerful the mind is and that attitude is everything in this life.”

“Perfect Circles: Redefining Perfection” has already garnered rave reviews and endorsements. Actor and comedian Steve Martin, who received an early copy of the book, stated that Stuart’s work was “…as inspiring as it is intelligent.”

In addition to his new book, Stuart is also a regular on the speaker circuit. On Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m., the author is presenting “Filling Up Our Spiritual 401(K)” at the Spiritual Life Center (1420 East Harmon Avenue). For additional book signings and speaking engagements, please go to www.readperfectcircles.com.