Tyler Robinson Foundation Launches Ready2Learn Campaign to Support Families Battling Childhood Cancer

Tyler Robinson Foundation Launches Ready2Learn Campaign to Support Families Battling Childhood Cancer
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Returning to school is never an easy prospect for families battling childhood cancer, but this year the stakes are even higher as these families face even greater concerns and complications in keeping their immune-compromised children safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ease some of that burden, Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF), the nonprofit organization of the GRAMMY Award-winning band Imagine Dragons dedicated to supporting children battling pediatric cancer, is launching the Ready2Learn campaign.

The online donation campaign will help offset school supply expenses for TRF families for the coming school year, whether students attend classes in person, through distance learning or homeschool.

Donation suggestions start at as little as $5, which can help cover the cost of a pack of pens and pencils for one student. The Ready2Learn campaign offers donation suggestions in multiple tiers, including a $75 donation to cover the cost of notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, folders, and markers for one middle school or high school student; a $150 donation to cover a school years’ worth of supplies for one elementary student; and a $500 donation, which could cover all school supply-related expenses for an entire TRF family for the 2020-2021 school year.

Additionally, TRF has created incentive levels for supporters who will receive TRF-branded gifts in recognition of their contribution. 
While a traditional school year can fill a family with nerves and excitement, the uncertainty of the upcoming school year has added an additional burden for pediatric cancer families already experiencing a significant strain to maintain proper social distancing measures, as well as managing medical bills as they keep up with the routine costs of day-to-day living. In an effort to enhance awareness about the increased risk these families now face, TRF’s Ready2Learn campaign will help empower pediatric cancer families to tackle the ambiguity of the school year with confidence.

Patients battling pediatric cancer are extremely susceptible to contagious viruses, including COVID-19. Social distancing is critical to the safety of these patients, yet places an even more challenging burden upon the families who care for them. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the arising current public health concerns and economic pressures make an already challenging situation that much worse. Ready2Learn is an opportunity to alleviate just one of the many pressures these families face.

For more information or to contribute to the Ready2Learn campaign, visit TRF.org and follow TRF on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.