Pet Adoptions Spike in Las Vegas by Jennifer Durnell

Alexis Middleton spent over a year searching for the right rescue dog to complete her family. One afternoon while scrolling through, a pair of big puppy eyes popped off her screen, Middleton knew she had found the one

The dog was Husky mix Jenova, and Monday will be the 6-month anniversary since Middleton brought her home.

“She’s incredibly loving to everyone, gentle, and intelligent, by far one of the best dogs we’ve ever had.” said Middleton. “Now we can’t imagine our lives without her!”

Middleton rescued Jenova from Wagging Tails Rescue, a non-profit organization in Las Vegas dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters and owner surrenders.

“When we met her, the rescue was amazing and really made us feel like we finally found the right one.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Southern Nevada animal shelters say they have had an overload of adoption applications, due to stay-at-home mandates causing people to stay inside and flatten the curve of spreading the virus. 

According to Kelsey Pizzi, the Animal Foundation’s communications director, more people applied to adopt or foster a pet during a 2-week period in March than in the entire year of 2019 combined. Applications to adopt were outnumbered available animals to adopt by the hundreds.

It has been 4 months and shelters are beginning to see a spike of homeless animals once again. We are three weeks post 4th of July; the day of the year with the most pet runaways, and statistically only 30% of pets will be ruined with their families. The Animal Foundation took in 303 stray pets in the first week of July alone. 

Shelters again are urging people of Southern Nevada to volunteer, foster, or adopt a furry friend. 

The adoption process is fairly simple. The Animal Foundation requires proof that you are at least 18 years old, a picture ID or utility bill with your name and with a current address, and you are also required to meet with one of their pet adoption counselors. Adoption fees range between $25-$200 depending on species, age, and breed. The fees include spay and neuter surgery, all current vaccinations, and a microchip. 

Jenova greets Middleton with little rawrs of excitement when she comes home from work. She sleeps on her back with her legs sprawled, and unbothered by getting up when you call her, she looks at you with her head upside down. It’s these charming quirks that make her part of the family.

Learn more about how to Adopt, Foster, or Volunteer at Wagging Tail Rescue, The Animal Foundation, and the Nevada SPCA.