Things Only Vegas Locals Can Relate To by Jennifer Durnell

Las Vegas: Lost Wages, Sin City, the city that never sleeps. Living here is such a unique experience, that the only other humans who can relate to our shared experiences are fellow Vegas residents. Here are 12 things all Vegas locals know to be true.

  1. People asking “What casino do you live in?”

You’re out of town and making small talk with a stranger, they ask where you’re from, you say Las Vegas. Dumfounded, they follow up with, “what casino do you live in?” and, “are there schools in Vegas?” Not only does Clark County have a population of 2 million people, but we also have the fifth largest school district in the country.

  1. Going to movie theaters and bowling alleys in casinos.

Growing up in Vegas is not the most conventional, but I was older than I would like to admit when I found out that stand-alone movie theaters and bowling alleys existed. Extra points if your first concert was also in a casino.

  1. The Stratosphere is your North Star.

Before smartphones provided you with a handheld map to navigate you wherever you needed to go, we relied on memory and landmarks to find our way. If you were ever lost, you just needed to look for The Stratosphere to help you get back to the right direction. The light beam at The Luxor also helped if you were lost at night.

  1. Local delicacies include steak & eggs and shrimp cocktail.

New York City has pizza, Seattle has coffee, and Philadelphia has Philly Cheesesteaks. For Las Vegas, it’s steak and eggs. Our city is filled with a diverse and eclectic mix of restaurants, from high-end to low brow, but nothing makes you feel more at home like getting $2.99 steak and eggs  from a local casino diner at 2:00 AM.

  1. The casino you live closest to reveals what side of town you live on. 

Sure, you can always just say your cross streets. But, chances are most of us live within 5 miles of a casino. It’s an easy reference guide to explain what side of town you live on, and all the things available in your area.

  1. Dating apps are difficult because everyone is a tourist.

Dating in small towns is monotonous because eventually you will swipe through everyone available. In Las Vegas, we have the opposite problem. There is a constant flux of tourists visiting our city and using dating apps, that anytime you come across somebody you’re interested in, it turns out they live on a different continent and are leaving in a few days.

  1. Your favorite sports teams were from neighboring states.

Until we got the Golden Knights, we never had a major league sports team. Any Vegas native who enjoys sports chose their favorite teams for arbitrary reasons. Most notably, teams from neighboring states, teams that your family supported, or whichever team was popular during your childhood.

  1. You experience culture shock anytime you leave town and learn places close. 

You took a weekend road trip to Los Angeles, you’re bar hopping in Echo Park or Silverlake. It’s 1:30 A.M, “This is last call, please close your tabs,” announces the bartender. As a Las Vegan, this is unheard of. You’re saying… the bar closes? Did we suddenly transport ourselves into an Amish community? Even worse, is when you find out you cannot buy beer from a gas station after 2 A.M. either.

  1. “But it’s a dry heat!”

Nothing will incite the wrath of a Las Vegan more than when somebody counters your complaints about the heat because “it’s a dry heat.” Yes, we are lucky to not experience humidity. But 115 degrees is nothing to scoff at and feels much worse than 90 degrees and humid.

  1. There was nothing to do until you turned 21.

In America, your 21st birthday is a right of passage, the stakes are even higher for Vegas natives. Up until that point, you were restricted from participating in the city’s nightlife. Between the ages of 18-20, you were confined to hookah lounges or house parties.

  1. You become irrationally upset when someone pronounces it Nevahda.

You can always separate the locals and visitors based on if they say NevAda or NevAHda. 

  1. We are #VegasStrong.
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Apart for now, together always. #VegasStrong

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The Route 91 shooting on October 1st, 2017 will be marked as the most tragic day in Las Vegas history. In the midst of tragedy, we came together as a city. We lined up by the hundreds to donate blood. Sent pizza, coffee, and supplies to emergency workers for weeks. We dug deep into our pockets to donate to the victims and their families. We were all brought together when the Golden Knights entered the Stanley Cup in their historic first season. Vegas Strong is not just a bumper sticker, it’s a way of life.