Why a Time Clock App Should Be Easy

Why a Time Clock App Should Be Easy
Image by ross ruby from Pixabay

Online time clock software is becoming more and more popular…and for good reason. The benefits of the software are outstanding, with one of those being a positive benefit to your bottom line. However, if your time clock app is difficult to use, you may not see the level of benefit you are expecting.  There are many reasons for this, but one thing is for certain. A time clock app must be easy to use, and here is why.

The first reason your app should be easy to use is obvious. If the app is too difficult to use, then employees will simply not use it. This online timesheet software should make their lives easier, not more difficult.

You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to clock in and out or schedule time off from the time clock app. If the old, manual way of doing things is easier, then they will revert to the old way of doing things and resist moving to the new software for as long as possible. You want your employees to be excited about this change and adopt it quickly, so the app you select must have a great user experience and be simple to learn.

Another reason you want your app to be easy is that your HR and payroll staff should experience some efficiencies by using the app. If the time and attendance app is too difficult, it might actually take them longer to process payroll instead of taking a shorter amount of time.

The last thing you would want to happen is for employee paychecks to get delayed because of overly complicated software. One of the benefits of a time clock app is faster payroll processing and quicker access to paychecks, so you want to make sure that your company realizes this important benefit.

A time keeper app is rich with data and reports, and your leadership team needs it to be easy to access that data. They need to be able to make decisions about scheduling and overtime, and they need to be able to make those decisions quickly.

With the right app, management can have access to this important data almost instantly and make their decisions accordingly. If the app is too difficult to use or does not have the proper reporting capabilities built-in, then access to this data becomes too difficult. Again, your leadership team may choose not to utilize these important features because they are too difficult to use. An easy app almost guarantees that your company will see the benefits they should from this reporting functionality.

Finally, an easy time clock app can make things almost foolproof from a compliance standpoint. The app should have FLSA overtime rules and regulations included, so you should not have to rely on manual time processing to calculate the proper overtime payments. Also, tracking time off related to illness, COVID-19, vacation, or other items will be a breeze with a system that is easy to use. You can rest assured that your organization is staying in compliance with the latest rules and regulations regarding payroll and time off if you can easily rely on your time clock software.

Software that is easy to use has a much higher adoption rate, and time attendance clock is no different. To be sure that your employees embrace using your time clock app, make sure the app is easy to use and proper training is provided. This will also ensure that your company gets a return on its investment in the software because the benefits of the app will be fully realized when employees use it as they should. Logging time and attendance should be as easy as the click of a button!