BLVD Coffee Reopens This Week and Offers Free Coffee to All Frontline Workers Through May

BLVD Coffee Reopens This Week and Offers Free Coffee to All Frontline Workers Through May

The excitement of opening their new business, BLVD Coffee, in early March had the Carter family optimistic but the coronavirus had other plans for them.  Just two weeks later they closed for the safety of their new downtown community as well as everyone in Las Vegas.  That excitement is back as they reopen this week and return to normal hours of 8 am to 4 pm  and share their gratitude with frontline workers by offering them a free coffee through the end of the month.

The new Pawn Plaza tenant joins Good Pie, Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ & Tavern, Chumlee’s Candy on the Blvd., Chapels at the Pawn, Highway Radio, Pawn Plaza Visitors Center, Master Barbering Galo Shop and Elite Motorsports to round out the dining and shopping opportunities across the parking lot from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

The reopened BLVD Coffee will now specialize on to go orders aimed at offices in the area.  “We felt like with all the businesses around our downtown location these offerings might be better suited to their needs and appetites and we know that adjusting to the current times will be instrumental to our success moving forward,” said Tim Carter.

The Carter family are Vegas basketball tradition and have called Las Vegas home for over a quarter century.  Dad “Big Mike” coaches at Bishop Gorman and has for more than two decades.  Younger son Ben is a professional basketball player overseas and mom Hadar, a former Israeli Army Lieutenant, is the heart of the family and the coffee operation.  Oldest son Tim will oversee operations after playing collegiate basketball.  The family has always bonded over coffee and thus BLVD Coffee was born.  “BLVD Coffee will support local businesses and to that end our coffee will come from Boulder City’s Colorado River Coffee Roasters,” said Tim Carter. 

In addition to celebrating the reopening of BLVD Coffee, Pawn Plaza installed last week an antimicrobial film laminate, PURE ZONE, to make the location even safer for visitors, tenants and employees.  This innovative technology which is being installed by local company Purple Flare will have laminates at all touch zones at Pawn Plaza.  The biofilm used keeps germs from collecting on surfaces and lasts for several years.  The reduction in germs is 99.99% over surfaces not laminated by the product.  Purple Flare can be reached at or 702 677 4200 for more information on the PURE ZONE product.

Pawn Plaza is located at 725 Las Vegas Boulevard South, just south of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, home to HISTORY’s “Pawn Stars.” For the latest news and information on Pawn Plaza, visit or Like Pawn Plaza on Facebook.