Area15 Partners With Vampire.Pizza to Deliver Pop-Up Home-Dining Experience, May 8-15

Area15 Partners With Vampire.Pizza to Deliver Pop-Up Home-Dining Experience, May 8-15

AREA15 has partnered with Vampire.Pizza, a bold, new immersive pop-up home-dining experience which will bring a mystery game and much-needed entertainment to the customers’ doors delivered (of course) by a vampire. The partnership offers locals a slice of the extraordinary, interactive experiences they can look forward to from AREA15 when it opens later this year, delivered right to their homes.

Online reservations become available on April 30.

The Experience

Players who order Vampire.Pizza + AREA15 will receive pizza, salad, dessert and a game kit with an immersive story and 60-to-90-minute mystery game.

Vampire (dot) Pizza is an “amusement park in a box,” giving people an affordable way to turn their home into a world of mystery while providing a meal to go along with it. The dining portion of the experience is provided by locally owned Those Guys Pies. With deliveries available on Mother’s Day, it’s a fun and unique way to bring the family together.

How to Order

Vampire.Pizza will be available in Las Vegas with deliveries from May 8-15 with pre-order reservations beginning on Thursday, April 30 at The at-home dining experience is for two people ($32.99/person) or four people ($27.99/per person) and customers can place their orders online, selecting either a delivery date and time, or a contactless pickup option at Those Guys Pies (both locations).

Delivery vamps are asked to follow CDC guidelines upon arrival. Immersive story and game materials have been sterilized and sealed. 

A portion of the proceeds from the pop-up will be donated to Three Square, Southern Nevada’s only food bank and the area’s largest hunger-relief organization.