Useful Cannabis Apps and Games to Manage your Intake and Create Your Empire

Useful Cannabis Apps and Games to Manage your Intake and Create Your Empire
Image by Stephen VanHove from Pixabay

It’s taken a long time, but finally marijuana is not being treated like a leper anymore. There are a lot of drugs and opioids out there that are for sure harmful but weed is not one of them. It has medicinal properties and has been used for millennia by people around the globe. The natural compound is safe to use granted you don’t consume it in big quantities. Then again, anything, even pizza, consumed in great amounts will impact your health negatively. On the bright side though, thanks to the bad rep cannabis has gained over the years we now have apps specifically designed to help you monitor and keep track of your intake. So, without further ado let’s look at which ones can help you improve your recreational experience.


This app is aimed at ensuring you take a mindful approach to this controversial product. It helps you track your doses, feelings, measures the level of symptom relief, and helps you record side effects among other things. If you’re using more than one product, it can help you in your experiment of finding out which suits you best and which is most beneficial for you. The app offers in-depth reports with customized insights derived from data collected of your usage, thus helping you make smart, informed buying and treatment decisions.


If you’re new to this and are unsure which strain is best suited to treat your symptoms and which method of consumption would be most effective, then you must download PotBot. 

This app’s algorithm takes into account the user’s health needs, their past experience and use of weed to make recommendations. You can then provide your feedback to the app which it uses to learn more about you and gives better advice. 


If you’re interesting in finding others like you and socializing at a higher plane, then MassRoots is the app for you. 

Over the years its following has exploded. Its network has expanded to include people from the not just the recreation sector, but also industry and healthcare. So, go forth and make friends. You can share pictures and videos with your buds and the app also keeps you updated with the latest in cannabis news, the local news to international content both, which is great! So, go ahead and press download on the Amazon App Store since it isn’t available on Google’s Play Store.


Meeting people is great, but you know what’s even better? Getting in touch with the who’s who of the cannabis world.

WeedMaps is a great app which aims to cover the world’s leading cannabis experts and businesses. You want advice from a doctor, know which delivery service to contact for your daily hit or which dispensaries stock these items? This app answers it all!

The first time you open your app, you’ll be asked to share your location and once you do, well it’s up, up and away. The app will show you the nearest shops that sell weed and weed-based medicines. You can search for your favorite brands, look for your favorite products and more. The app also gives you access to sales and discounts. And, this is not all. You can also watch full documentaries about this exotic substance and more on their channel.


If you liked Tamagotchi, you’ll love simLeaf, especially if you’re a novice grower of these exotic plants!

This comprehensive simulator helps you grow cannabis. You can select which strain of the plant you want to grow and after that you must choose the lamp for which you have two options: 600W or 1000W lamp. You can also adjust the pH level of your soil as well as the nutrients provided among other things. You must take care of your plants and if you fail, they’ll die. If they survive though, get ready for a great harvest. 

Hemp Inc.

Another great app, or rather game related to weed is Hemp Inc. Following the structure of Farmville, it also has wow factors like inclusion of cannabis celebrities like Snoop Dog, Jimi Hendrix and Tommy Chong. You can interact with them as you build your cannabis empire.

In addition to this, the app walks you through all areas of the cannabis business. From growing and selling to buying property to expand your farm. You also get to choose from 20 strains of hemp so you’re sure to have a good time and a ton of exposure.

Final Word

Weed may have been banned for a long time, but its back with a bang. Society may have forgotten how to use it and grow the plant, but with these apps it’s about to change. Anyone can join this revolution and create their hemp empire. All you needed is a high-speed internet connection for which you don’t have to go far. Mediacom Internet will have you covered and up and running in no time. So, what are you waiting for?