RepairSmith Donates $100K in Free, ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ Services

RepairSmith Donates $100K in Free, 'No-Contact Car Repair' Services
  • Starting today, in California and Las Vegas, free car repairs are available to car owners who are severely impacted by COVID-19, either via loss of employment or acting as a frontline worker to their community. 
  • This includes government workers, service workers, delivery drivers, healthcare professionals, employees of grocery stores and pharmacies, volunteers and others who require the use of a functioning car, in locations where RepairSmith currently operates. 
  • Through the program, individuals can receive up to $500 in repair and maintenance services to keep their car safe and operating during this critical time period. RepairSmith offers on-site repair and maintenance for car owners at their home or workplace with certified technicians who can complete 85% of work on-site, all backed by a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty. 
  • Here is where people can apply.