Murray Takes Over as Newest Comedy Guest Star of FANTASY at Luxor.

Murray Takes Over as the Newest Comedy Guest Star of Fantasy at Luxor.
Photo credit: Gabe Ginsberg

Murray SawChuck is now doing double duty headlining his own show at The Tropicana Las Vegas then buzzing across the street to The Luxor be the Comedy Guest Star in FANTASY at 10:30pm nightly.

Murray is a chameleon from bouncing around on TV’s Wipe Out, Large Scale Illusionist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and CW’s Masters of Illusion or a Historian on History Channel’s Pawn Stars… as long as magic is the thread Murray will make it happen, from his family friendly Tropicana Show to his tongue and cheek adult comedy in FANTASY . 

When Murray is asked, how have you always worked? Murray stated, “When the phone rings you say YES! Then figure out how you are going to do it! If you are a pro you’ll figure it out and keep on working! I have been in the business for 41 years, it’s all I know!”