What Are The Coolest Stiletto Nails Designs This Year?

It might be your first time you are seeing stiletto nails designs because they are recently being rocked by celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga, among other celebrities. However, what you don’t know is that these nail designs have been around for the last six decades. 

Here is the list of the hottest and most preferred stiletto nails designs by modern women. You can choose yours here.
Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho from Pexels

As the trend continues, regular ladies are starting to embrace these daring looks. And that is precisely what defines stiletto nails bold and daring. Or can we say they are dangerous? Somewhat, but that quality adds to this amazing nail design and makes you stand out. Let’s see some of the most fierce stiletto nail designs in 2019.

  • Cat Claws.

As the name suggests, the shape of this stiletto nail design is that of cat claws. It is also known as wolves like claws. It is a beautiful style you can rock this year, but then you need to be keen when wearing it as it can accidentally hurt you-like cat claws do.

  • Gothic Black.

Stunning stiletto nails designed in pure midnight black are, without a doubt, a classic style for any lady who wants to rock a menacingly sexy look. It is ideal for almost any look. You can also rock it for Halloween, and you will appear really flaunting.

  • Dazzling Chanel.

Yes, they are as the name suggests-Chanel nails. They incorporate a cosmic sparkle and powder pink that is sure to attract the attention of anyone who sees you. Anyway, who can resist such a dazzle?

  • Chanel No. 5.

And if you are interested in the Chanel stiletto nails, while still keeping their logo and incorporate some twist, then this is the best design you should choose. It uniquely stands out, and it is a fantastic way to fascinate your audience.

  • Pink With Third Eye Magic.

If you are looking to rock colourful stiletto nails, then pink is the best hue that will give you satisfaction. You can make the colour even more dazzling by wearing a pretty ring. It will surely grab attention.

  • Vividly Egyptian.

Perhaps you need a stiletto nails design that incorporates a colour scheme. If that is the case, then this Egyptian design will suit you. You can incorporate powder pink, navy blue, magenta, and add sparkling gems. Then to make your design more mystical, do the middle finger with an eye of Horus. This brings the entire style together.

  • Unique Lines.

Stiletto nails can incorporate ridiculously compelling designs, and this is a typical example of that. This nail design incorporates solid hues, and then the three nails are unpredictable.

  • Royally Wonderful.

Some years ago, violet was the colour for the royals, but things have since changed, and nowadays, even the commoners rock it. So, you can rock this royal colour and try to see how loyal you can be.

  • Grey Winter Is Coming.

When it comes to nail designs, most women underestimate the impact of the grey colour it can have on their nails. When you style it well and pair it with the right colours, the results are amazing. In this case, pairing it with a deep hue such as violet gives you a truly fantastic stiletto nails design that is sure to steal the show.

  • Simply Good.

This stiletto nail design incorporates while and silver linings. This nail design symbolises hope and win down the road. Try it today, and everything will be as you plan.

  • Metallic Red.

This nail design looks great on ladies with darker skin tones. The metallic nail polish complemented with stiletto look is undoubtedly a futurist look. Wear it this coming Christmas, and all compliments will be yours.

  • Peachey Pink.

Compared to the other stilettos, this one is ridiculously long, and that gives you an advantage since you can wear extended designs such as “S” shapes and put some gems. The gems make the design quite bold.

  • Glitter-Dipped.

This mesmerising design appears as if the wearer has dipped her fingers in a bowl of gems and glitter. It gives you a princess look. You can rock the princess look through your nails! It is pretty possible with this stiletto nail design.

  • Geometric Time.

This stiletto nails design is the symbol of futuristic design and some alien culture yet to be discovered.