Practical Tips When You Are Moving To Las Vegas

Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life. If you’re moving a far distance, that stress can weigh on your entire family making the situation seem impossible. We’ve got some practical moving tips if you’re moving to Las Vegas that’ll make it an easier transition.

Get Rid Of Everything

This may sound a bit dramatic, but get rid of everything. That might be taking it too far, but it’s time to get rid of any unnecessary items. You’ll be thankful that you aren’t hauling and unloading lots of stuff that’s built up over the years. Take into account things like old paperwork, clothing that’s been stuck in the back of the closet and the mound of old electronics sitting at the top of a closet. Throw away decorations that are out of style. Take a look into your kitchen and donate appliances, dishes and glasses that you never use. People are usually surprised at the amount of junk that accumulates over time. Clearing clutter will help you make room for new things as well as not stress about unloading and finding new places for the clutter. You don’t need to throw away everything. If you think another person can love it, donate to a local charity. If your new place has an entirely different layout than your home, think about selling your furniture and buying it all new to fit the new place.

Change Your Address Online

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to do a change of address online. You set a start date and your mail should be forwarded for an entire year. Doing this before you move into your new home will alleviate stress as you’ll be ready to start getting bills and other mail at the new address. You don’t want to miss any important documents. Remember to notify all of your bills of your new address. Set up all of your new local bills with the new address as well.

Make A Detailed Plan

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to pack everything in the same day, or even the same week. Make a detailed plan of what you intend to pack each day. You can pack room by room or content by content. Don’t overwhelm yourself as moving can get tiring quickly. Take time to label boxes and items. Put all of this insight into your detailed plan. You can even assign others what they need to pack and on what day. Remember to pack the essentials last. Pack your decorations and art first as you won’t be using those last days in the house.

Check Xeriscape and Landscaping

Las Vegas uses a lot of xeriscaping for their yards instead of grass. It’s a dry place so xeriscape requires little irrigation. Check to see if your new home has any real grass or landscaping that needs to be done. You don’t need to haul the lawn mower and all of its accessories if you don’t need it. Citrus trees do grow well in this area so plan ahead and plant a few of these trees if you get a chance.

Wrap Your Delicate Items in Clothing

You can hit two birds with one stone by wrapping your breakable items in your clothing. You have to pack your clothing anyhow so why not wrap it around delicate items saving space? Instead of using mounds of bubble wrap that you’ll have to throw away later, the clothing provides a soft, cushioned wrap of protection. Wrap things like your glasses, plates, decorations, and other delicate items in t-shirts and soft shorts. It’s also easy to unpack as you just unfold the items instead of ripping apart bubble wrap.

Community Groups

Get involved in social media community groups before you move into the new home. Community groups can help you get involved, find new services and/or feel “at home” in your new place. You might be moving to Las Vegas not knowing a soul. Community groups online will help you find new friends and make your own way in this new place. Ask questions about the best services or places for your kids to play or even what type of weather it is in January. Use community forums to gain familiarity in your new land.

Color Code Each Room

Use different colored tape or print multi-colored labels for each room. Make detailed accounts of what is in each box. The color of the tape or label indicates which box goes in which room. Either place the colored tape or label on each room so you will remember or make a master list. This makes life a lot easier than ripping open each box to examine its contents then trying to figure out where it all goes. Staying organized will help your stress levels after a long day of unpacking boxes.

Find Free Moving Boxes

Some people like to buy big, nice boxes for moving. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of these people. Be thrifty and find boxes of all shapes and sizes. Check places like NextDoor, OfferUp and CraigsList. There’s usually people begging others to take their boxes so they don’t have to throw them away. Grocery stores and liquor stores are also a great bet to find all sorts of boxes. They’re just going to end up in the trash after the items are on the shelves anyway. Warehouse stores are the best for many as the boxes are often larger and some even have compartments making it even easier to pack.

Plastic Wrap Your Drawers

Drawers can be a nightmare to pack. Awaken from that nightmare by putting plastic wrap around these drawers. When moving, the items inside drawers are often thrown everywhere. Plastic wrap keeps these items in place. You also win because the drawers won’t open meaning your personal items shouldn’t be thrown all over the moving van.

Take Photos of Electronics

It’s not a joyous occasion when you get out the television at the new home only to see the millions of wires. Take a photo of your electronics before unplugging everything so you don’t stress about their location later. Printers and personal computers are another example of this. It’ll save you lots of time and stress when you get to the new place and are ready to plug in.