Jon Price Picks The Cleveland Browns To Win The AFC North & Super Bowl Futures You Can Profit From

Some gamblers will work off of their gut and just choose whoever ‘feels’ like the right choice. But most will want to do some research first, check out what the experts are saying about teams, and maybe seek out the advice of a pro like Jon Price who has made headlines here in Vegas for some big wagers over the last decade.

Because if you are going to get a helping hand from anyone, you might as well get it from a professional—right?

Jon Price is one of the leaders in his field and Vegas is where he made his mark. Last year Price saw the Rams stepping up and making it to the Super Bowl, but then he was also smart enough to hedge his bet by putting money down on the Patriots as well as his pre-season favorite and money was all in on the Rams. He also had the Broncos pegged to win it all back during the 2015 season (Super Bowl L) as was covered by the Huffington Post.

So, if you are going to listen to anyone, why not a proven winner? Price and his sports information traders analysts decided to share with the world his pick to win the AFC North—the Cleveland Browns.

Price has a $10,000 wager on the Cleveland Browns to win the Division and a smaller wager on the Browns to Win the Super Bowl along with 1 other team which he has a substantially larger bet on to compliment 4 of his Totals wagers for the 2019-2020 season.

He’s even helping others bet on the Browns as he met clients in person during a recent visit to the Westgate Sportsbook this week albeit the bettors are quite a bit smaller than he is he’s glad to support Cleveland this year.

After years of toiling away in NFL obscurity, the Browns took a big leap forward in the second half of the season last year after they let Hue Jackson go. That, along with all of the personnel moves the Browns made in the offseason, has oddsmakers thinking Cleveland should start the season favored to win the division (odds via FanDuel) and they are moving fast as you can see from this weeks odds to win:

  •       Cleveland Browns           +135
  •       Pittsburgh Steelers         +170
  •       Baltimore Ravens            +280
  •       Cincinnati Bengals          +2000

While the Browns do have the shortest odds, the division is going to be far from easy for them to win.

The Steelers are without the services of Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown now. But they still have Ben Roethlisberger. James Conner looked like a capable INSERT ment for Bell last season, and JuJu Smith-Schuster looked like the next breakout wide receiver.

While the Ravens odds are a little longer, they still have a 26.32 percent chance of winning the division. But until this ‘new offense’ that we have heard about is unleashed, it is hard to have faith in them.

The offense was way to one-dimensional last season on offense after Lamar Jackson took over for Joe Flacco.  They are great at running the ball, but Lamar Jackson is not much of a passer. As a result, teams are going to dare Lamar Jackson to beat them with his arm.

Jackson will guide them to some wins, but not enough.

The Bengals—well, the Bengals have a first-year, first-time head coach in Zac Taylor and they have already seen their best offensive weapon go down with an injury. A realistic expectation for them may be improving off last year’s win total.

So—why the Browns?

The Browns are a popular pick this season, but there is a reason for that. Once they let Hue Jackson go last season, the team took off. Defensively, they elevated their game to a high level, and with Baker Mayfield leading the charge, the offense looked great.

Fans everywhere could only imagine what the offense would be like in Year Two. But whatever those expectations were, got thrown out the window with the acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants.

Baker Mayfield will be leading an extremely talented group of individuals at the skill positions to work with on offense, and one of the better offensive lines in the game. While Gregg Williams is no longer in charge of the defense, Steve Wilks may be an upgrade.

They aren’t perfect by any means, but the Browns are a young, talented, and well-coached team. This season, they will find a way to win the games they didn’t win last year and take the division. You can expect to hear legend Jon Price live on the radio this season syndicated here in Las Vegas as well as on The really big show with Tony and Aaron on WKNR.