Is CBD Oil Legal in Nevada? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re wondering, “Is CBD oil legal in Las Vegas?” We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about buying CBD oil in Nevada.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Nevada? Everything You Need to KnowImage by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay 

CBD has taken storm as the latest craze in alternative medicine. This oil, which is extracted from the hemp and cannabis plant, has been said to have a wide range of health benefits – curing things like joint pain, PTSD, and even insomnia.

As this plant medicine has exploded in popularity many people are wondering if it is legal to purchase in their area. If you’ve been wondering, “Is CBD oil legal in Nevada?” We’ve got your answer.

Here are the ins and out of CBD oil in Nevada.

Is CBD Oil Legal? What the Laws Say

CBD oil has had a rocky road to the legal spotlight. But luckily as the negative stigma surrounding marijuana and this non-psychoactive extract has begun to fade, many places have opened up to allow CBD on the market.

You may have heard of the recent passing back in late 2018 of the Farm Bill. This bill actually started in 2014 and was a program which focused on legalizing the hemp industry.

Hemp is the sister plant to cannabis and actually, hemp often contains more CBD than its misunderstood sibling.

This Farm Bill worked to legalize the cultivation of hemp which of course also helped boost the industry and in turn led to a huge surge in CBD products. In December of 2018, when the new Farm Act was signed, hemp reached a completely new state of legality.

The FDA stated that CBD products were federally legal based on their marketing for therapeutic properties. Now the DEA even considers CBD an agricultural commodity. So it is completely legal anywhere in the U.S. including Nevada.

CBD in Nevada

CBD is legal in Nevada, however, depending on the product the regulations do vary. Nevada is also one of the handfuls of states that allows marijuana to be used both medically and recreationally despite its still federal illegal status.

Just like the use of medical and recreational marijuana, CBD is meant to only be used in private and not to be consumed publicly. However, unlike marijuana, CBD emits little to no smell, so it is naturally more discreet, and some people are able to pass it off as a vape.

Both CBD hemp and CBD cannabis oil are available for purchase in Nevada. The main difference between these two is that the CBD cannabis oil also has the presence of THC, which is the part of the plant that makes you feel high.

So as a generality, CBD is used for more medical purposes than THC is. However, both can be used medically.

Using CBD Oil in Nevada

As a Nevada resident you now have the answer to your question of, “Is CBD oil legal?’ And you have the freedom to try these products for yourself and reap the long list of healing benefits.

You can try these products with confidence knowing that you are following the law. For more Nevada news, keep up to date right here on our website!