Does CBD Help with Insomnia?

Marijuana is now considered an illicit drug. It wasn’t always that way, though. People in ancient China used it as a remedy for insomnia. 

CBD is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant to make CBD oil. The psychoactive compound, THC, is not present except in trace amounts, so this oil is legal, but does CBD help with insomnia?

The short answer is that it may. CBD oil has become popular over the last couple of years, thanks mainly to its ability to help people relax and to relieve pain. Taken about an hour before bedtime, it helps most users in getting ready for bed.

We Said “Most Users”

CBD can induce anxiety in some people. So, it is clearly not going to work for everybody. Despite this, it has been declared generally safe by the World Health Organization. The organization found that there are no significant side effects of long-term use in most people. Those that do experience adverse outcomes are usually taking other prescription meds as well.

The only way you’ll find out if CBD oil is for you is to actually try it. We’d recommend trying it over a weekend when you’re not too busy the next day. That way, if it does make you anxious, it’s not such a big deal. If you’re taking prescription meds, particularly those that are metabolized in the liver, check with your doctor first.

Why Would It Work?

CBD oil acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and body. These receptors are responsible for controlling your immune, pain, and relaxation responses. We don’t completely understand the full interaction yet, but scientists are optimistic about CBD oil.

A professor and experienced neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Maroon, has said that this oil could help you fall asleep. He explains that it helps to ease both pain and anxiety, which can be factors that make getting to sleep can be difficult.

According to Maroon’s research, CBD oil also affects the body’s circadian rhythms. Participants were found to not only fall asleep longer but also spend more time in restorative REM sleep.

Why Isn’t Everyone Using It?

First, CBD oil only recently became federally legal. Second, most of us grew up being taught that cannabis was a dangerous drug. Even though CBD oil is not the same as marijuana because it doesn’t contain any psychoactive compounds, the stigma is hard to shake. As a result, there’s a lot of misinformation about it out there.

It’s also become such a booming industry that everyone wants a piece of it. If the industry were better regulated, like the pharmaceutical industry, this wouldn’t be an issue. As it stands, though, there are a lot of manufacturers offering slapdash products. These could include harmful solvents or much lower levels of CBD.

Getting the right dosage depends on the strength and quality of the oil you’re using. If you want a head start on some good options, look online for helpful guides. It’s important to do some research into getting a high-quality product to avoid wasting your money.

Final Notes

CBD might well help you relax enough to sleep well. It can also help quell the pain. There are no serious adverse effects with short-term use, but we don’t know much about the long-term effects. We recommend using it as a stopgap measure instead of a cure-all.

If used wisely, CBD could be a beneficial tool. Like all-natural remedies, though, there can be too much of a good thing. Start with the minimum recommended dose and take it as recommended to get the best results.