Trip to Strip – A Ride That Aims to Make Life Easier for Las Vegas Visitors

There are plenty of ways for visitors to get to Las Vegas. One of the easiest ways is to fly direct into McCarran Airport which is currently as busy as it’s ever been. Once visitors arrive at the airport they have to find a way of getting to their accommodation.

Of course, it’s possible to hire a car, but many visitors want to avoid the stress of driving and the potential of accidents or other problems. Taxis also operate from the airport, including Lyft and Uber drivers. Public buses are also available. However, now there is a new name in transportation that provides visitors with an affordable option that is more convenient than a bus. This new name is Trip to Strip.

What is Trip to Strip?

Trip to Strip is a pilot program that is being operated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. It provides visitors with a way of getting from the airport to the strip for as little as $6. This is important for tourists who want to save their hard-earned cash to spend enjoying the city.

The best thing about the new service is that it’s charged at a flat rate. There is no increase during times of peak travel. There are a total of 12 vehicles in the current fleet that is being operated, and charges are based on the distance of the trip and the number of people that are being transported. The most people that can travel in any vehicle is 11.

The one problem that some people will have with using this service is that it’s not door-to-door. The vehicles operate from RTC bus stops across the city. The aim is to pick people up and drop them off at the nearest bus stops to where they are and where they want to be. It has to be said that many of these bus stops are close to the most popular tourist areas, so the convenience level is still there.

Which area does the service cover?

The area that is covered by the new service is fairly extensive. Visitors are able to travel north to downtown Las Vegas and as far south as the M Resort on Las Vegas Boulevard. For anyone who wants to use this service, it’s important to remember that start and end points of a journey have to be within these boundaries.

How to use Trip to Strip

Using Trip to Strip is pretty much the same as using any other ride-sharing service. Anyone who wants to use the new facility simply needs to download the mobile app and create an account. Then it’s simply a case of hiring a ride when necessary.

To anyone flying into McCarran airport, there is a need to get from there to the accommodation within Las Vegas. The new pilot Trip to Strip service is aimed at making this easy for people to do at a cost that’s affordable.