Nevada Legislature Passes Resolution Preparing Nevada for an Electric Vehicle Future

Drivers in Nevada and across the country are seeing electric vehicles (EVs) as economical and sustainable alternatives to traditional gasoline vehicles, and automakers are offering a wider variety of EVs every year to meet this new demand. At the same time, factors including inflation, more efficient gas vehicles and the increased adoption of alternative fuel vehicles highlight the need for new systems to fund roads and transportation infrastructure.

Recognizing the need to address these issues, the Nevada Legislature today passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 (SCR 3). The resolution, sponsored by Senator Pat Spearman, directs the Legislative Committee on Energy to conduct an interim study on the benefits of electric vehicles and new methods of funding roadways that are adequate and equitable.

The results of its study and recommendations for potential legislation will be presented for the next session of the Nevada Legislature, which meets in 2021. SCR 3 is just one of many measures passed by the Legislature and enacted by Gov. Sisolak this year to advance the state’s growing clean energy economy and electrify transportation. SB 299 opens up funding to purchase electric school buses, while AB 377 will allow electric semi-trucks to compete with diesel trucks on Nevada’s roads. Both measures were signed by the Governor while AB 483, which will gather more data on the miles travelled on our roadways, passed out the Legislature today and is on its way to the Governor for his signature.

“AEE stands ready to work with the Nevada Legislature to develop solutions that expand vehicle electrification while also maintaining the state’s infrastructure and roadways,” said Ray Fakhoury, Principal with the Advanced Energy Economy. “The passage of SCR 3 is an important step to jumpstart this critical conversation.”

“SCR 3 is an important first step to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and helping the state maintain public roads and highways to the benefit of all residents,” said Alli Gold Roberts, senior manager of state policy at Ceres, a nonprofit organization working with investors and companies in Nevada. “A comprehensive study on electric vehicle adoption will also ensure Nevada is poised to reap the benefits of electrifying transportation.”

“The passage of SCR 3 accelerates the state’s transition to a clean transportation future,” said Susan Nedell, E2’s Mountain West Advocate. “More clean vehicles, and improved roadways and infrastructure will benefit all Nevadans and build on the state’s 32,000-strong clean energy workforce in 2019 and beyond.”