“Making Magic” Episode 2 Breaks Facebook Watch Record

"Making Magic" Episode 2 Breaks Facebook Watch Record
The second episode of Atomic Entertainment’s Making Magic has been streamed 1.7 million times over the past two weeks. These numbers don’t come as a total surprise to Vegas local Rick Lax, who is used to pulling in big numbers on the Facebook platform (Pictured: Jibrizy and Rick Lax – Photo credit: Making Magic). 

“The thing that did surprise me,” Lax says, “is how quickly the show caught on. I’ve seen numbers like this on Facebook before, but never seen them right out of the gate.”

“Making Magic Episode 2: Jibrizy Makes a Girl Float
[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/MakingMagicShow/videos/663687427400459/” width=”588″ height=”700″ onlyvideo=”1″] Video credit: Making Magic

Magic is having a golden age. The third installment of Now You See Me is in currently in production (and set to feature The Avengers’ Benedict Cumberbatch). And Vegas’s own Penn & Teller are about to premier the sixth episode of Fool Us. It’s clear that people don’t just want to see magic; they want to take a peek behind the curtain. And Making Magic taps right into that desire.

This woman is seeing Jibrizy's magic for the first time.
This woman is seeing Jibrizy’s magic for the first time.

Two of the rare magicians who fooled Penn & Teller are Rick Lax (the host of Making Magic) and Jibrizy, Lax’s second Making Magic guest.

Jibrizy the Hip-Hop magicians hails from the South Side of Chicago. He is 23 years old and spent much of his childhood in the hospital, as he suffers from Chrohn’s disease. Clearly that has not held him back.

In the second episode of Making Magic, Jibrizy stretches a nickel with his bare hands, passes a solid ring through his flesh, and makes a girl levitate.

“Filming Making Magic captured the genuine life being of a magician,” Jibrizy says. “And it reflects exactly what I’ve done with my career because…I made it magic!”