Amazing Shows to Watch for in Las Vegas

Vegas residencies and stand up shows are coming early this year. Bruno Mars already debuted, with his first concert taking place on April 12th.  Not so far away, Pink had her first concert at the T-Mobile Arena on the same night, marking the beginning of an entertaining year on the Strip.

If you’ve been thinking about touring Las Vegas this year, make sure you buy tickets to a show in Vegas. With all the lights and partying atmosphere, a concert on the strip is like no other. Of course, dozens of concerts take place throughout the summer, so be extra choosy.

Below we’ve compiled 3 of the best shows to look out for this year and a couple of free concerts you should visit if you have the time.

Electric Daisy Carnival

Dates (May 17-19)

Abbreviated as EDC, the Electric Daisy Carnival is an annual event that takes place in Vegas every summer. Traditionally, the show has always occurred in June. This year, the Carnival will take place in May, allowing tourists to experience the country’s top DJs and musicians before everyone else arrive in Vegas.

Keep in mind 140,000 people attend the festival every year. If you want to be part of it, buy your tickets while they are still available. So far, 90% of them are sold out—and it’s easy to see why. Over 50 artists from all genres will perform on Friday.

On Saturday, A$AP ROCKY will raise the curtain as 50 more stars, including A.M.C and Captain Hook will headline the event. On Sunday, multiple other musicians will perform throughout the night. Regular tickets cost $549 while VIP tickets cost $789.

The main carnival will take place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Also, over 20 venues in Las Vegas will host additional EDC-related events.

As a heads up, the EDC is a colorful event. Get creative, wear shorts and shirts if you are a guy and anything colorful if you are a lady. Keep things simple but avoid total nudity.

Cirque du Soleil

If you loved the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince and other icons that are no more, Cirque du Soleil lets you re-experience their most significant performances in one place. And while the stars already died, Cirque uses illusions, professional acrobats and singers to produce some of the best concerts you’ve ever seen.

Cirque du Soleil features a Michael Jackson themed performance in which 63 dancers, acrobats, and dancers take on the stage. And with the aid of electrifying visuals, DJs, choreographers, and sound engineers, guests will be immersed into the majestic and entertaining world of Michael Jackson.

Another popular Cirque du Soleil show is dubbed the “O” Life Aquatic concert. In an ocean themed venue, Cirque choreographs divers, swimmers, acrobats, and theatre performers to act out a mesmerizing, European themed show.

Unlike EDC, Cirque du Soleil shows take place at various MGM resorts at the heart of the Vegas Strip.

In fact, so magnificent is the MGM and other resorts on the Vegas strip that they named the Vegas strip blackjack variation after it. So, the next time you visit Vegas for any reason, ask for directions to the Strip.

Headline Show Concerts

Carnivals such as the EDC aim to highlight upcoming talents. Headliner concerts bring you the best in the music industry. Backstreet Boys are currently doing shows at Planet Hollywood. Their last concert ends on April 27, so hurry up and grab their tickets if you love the group.

Celine Dion will be performing at Caesars Palace this May. But as you probably predicted, her events are sold out. No need to worry though. Fans of the rock band Aerosmith will be treated to a live performance at Park Theater starting this April.

Pop icon Janet Jackson will join them later in May to kick start her residency aimed at promoting her autobiography. Boys II Men will also relive their classics at the Terry Fator Theatre this summer and entertain tourists with their distinctive voices.

More artists will be heading to Vegas this summer. Ariana Grande will join Bruno at the strip even though they will be performing at different venues. While the God is a Woman hitmaker will be performing at T-Mobile, the Funky it up artist will be at the Park MGM.

Fremont Free Summer Concerts

Besides the Strip, there are lots of places with free concerts throughout Vegas. Fremont Street, for example, is near as famous as the Strip. And unlike the area filled with casinos, Fremont occasionally hosts free concerts.

This year, several casinos have partnered to bring a host of artists at no cost. Rapper Nelly will perform June 15 at the same venue before rock band Sugar Rat takes over two weeks later. Another band, Good Charlotte, will also be performing free of charge at the same venue.

In the pop scene, Fremont brings together Aaron Carter, Tyler Hilton, O-Town, Lance Bass, and Ryan Cabrera. Rock will be the most represented genre as more groups like Smash Mouth, The Wallflowers, and Cheap Trick are expected to perform at the venue.

To Conclude

There is no better place to spend your summer than Vegas especially if you love music and theatrical entertainment. Concerts like the EDC let you loosen up and dance to a colorful event surrounded by like-minded people.

Cirque du Soleil immerses you into a different world with its concerts. From performances mimicking The Beatles to Michael Jackson themed concerts, you’d couldn’t tell it’s not one of the stars performing. If you will be on a budget, remember will be free shows in Fremont.