Additional 100,000 Seats Promised by Three New Sports and Entertainment Stadiums in Las Vegas

On April 4, Jeremy Aguero from Applied Analysis presented that Las Vegas will have more than 339,000 seating capacity for sports entertainment in two years. This is because of the three stadiums that just opened and are scheduled to open in the next two years. 

Currently, Las Vegas has only less than 200,000 seating capacity for sports entertainment. It is said that the construction of the three new stadiums in the state will most likely promote sports tourism in Las Vegas.

The state is also aiming to host more major leagues as the new stadiums will most likely have them sniffing around. Especially since the Golden Knights has already expressed their strong support for the upcoming Raider’s Stadium.

Updates on the Three New Stadiums

The three upcoming stadiums are Las Vegas Ballpark, which already opened in the first half of April, The Raider’s Stadium, and MSG Sphere at the Venetian. Together, the three stadiums are set to add at least 100,000 more seat capacity in Las Vegas.

Here are more information and updates about these stadiums:

The Last Vegas Ballpark

The Last Vegas Ballpark in Summerlin, Nevada is owned by the Howard Hughes Corporation that’s known as a real estate development and management company in Texas. The construction of this $150 million stadium began in February 2018 and it just hosted its first baseball game last April 9 (Aviators vs Sacramento).

The ticket selling for the first baseball game held in this new facility was said to be sold out in just a few minutes after it went on sale on July 2018. The interest of people in this new place paid off. This new facility in Summerlin is definitely the talk of the town.

The Las Vegas Ballpark is 340 has a center field pool, picnic tables, bars, 22 suites, and a capacity of 10,000 people. It also has the largest board in minor league baseball that measures about 3,930 square feet.

The 8,000 seats in this ballpark are mesh-type and not plastic, which adds comfort for their visitors. What people in Summerlin are really looking forward to is how this place will bring in more customers. The Las Vegas Ballpark is easy to access, and it is just a few minutes away from Red Rock Resort and the National City Arena.

The Raider’s Stadium

Currently, under construction in Paradise, Nevada, the Raider’s Stadium is a $1.8 billion project that is said to be finished in August 2020.

In 2017, news exploded that any form of gambling, including sports betting, may be banned from the said stadium. This means betting on the best online sportsbooks and even kiosks will not be allowed in any games held in this stadium.  

However, based on the recent updates, the concerned parties regarding the approval of sports betting in the stadium may have to be revisited. This is mainly because sports betting is also a way to promote sports entertainment nowadays.

The stadium will be a 10-level domed structure with a clear roof. It will have silver and black exteriors and will showcase a large torch that will be lighted in honor of Al Davis, the late owner of the Raiders.

While this is still in construction, people can visit the stadium preview center at Town Square. This place has interactive exhibits and possibly a view simulation of how the actual stadium will look like once it’s done. For people who can’t visit Las Vegas yet, the construction of the stadium can be viewed live on its website.

MSG Sphere at the Venetian

Also still under construction in Paradise, Nevada is this 18,000-seat stadium to be finished by the end of 2021. This sphere-shaped stadium is along the Las Vegas Strip and right in front of The Venetian Las Vegas.

The MSG Sphere will surely light up Vegas with its LED screen that will spread across its exterior. This LED screen measures 19,000 by 3,500 and will feature a 360 degrees Imax experience. This sphere will be 360-foot tall by 500-foot diameter, and it’s definitely the first of its kind.

The groundbreaking of the said sphere was held in September 2018 and the construction is a partnership and a collaboration between Madison Square Garden and Las Vegas Sands. The budget has not yet been shared by the two companies.

Alongside the MSG Sphere will be new bars, suites, and brand-new retail spaces. Sometime after the MSG Sphere is finished, they are set to build an identical stadium in London.