Roses Will Never Be out of Fashion Especially When They Can Last for a Year

Being in trend is a necessity of the time that we live in, what is in fashion and what not is a major question which needs to be answered and which varies from time to time. We all know that the variety that is presented in every field, private and personal is so diverse that nothing can last. However, there is one thing which not only lasts itself but is also always in fashion. Yes, you guessed it; The Utterly beautiful Roses.

You might think that only half of what was said above is correct, the latter part which states the fact that roses are always in fashion but flowers that last longer itself is a difficult concept when compared to the traditional kind. Well, if you follow trend that you might know already that we are talking about roses that last a year.

Long lasting roses are natural flowers that can be regarded as eternal, they are grown and taken care of in a way that when they arrive at your house in a box, they can last for almost a year or even more if you take good care of them. This includes NOT watering them, keeping them away from sunlight and NOT taking them out of the box. These are some of the basics that you need to keep in mind before ordering them. Coming back to the topic, it is significant to know as to why roses are always in fashion; especially when it comes to luxury roses. Here are some pointers on why instead of giving rose on any occasion, it is better to get luxury roses and how this modern style of gifting roses can never go off trend:

  • Anniversary:

Anniversary are a difficult occasion and a tricky one as well. The issue is that it is not just you who will be giving a gift; it is your partner as well. Unlike birthdays, your gift will be compared right there and then. In situations like these a single rose or even a bunch of them might not be the best gift if that is the only thing that you are gifting to your partner since it might be the case that your better half is not as big a fan of roses as you are because of the reason that they die too soon.

Although, with roses that last a year, you can surprise your partner and make them fall in love with flowers all over again. Now, they will not get sad by witnessing the roses dying in a day or two, they can have them until your next anniversary. Furthermore, another reason why eternal roses are completely in line with the fashion of gifts is that for anniversaries, you can have them customized in a way that you want. You can have heart shaped with flowers in the middle with red roses and surround it by a different color. If that sounds tacky, you can also opt for initials, it will make your gift more special and worth remembering.

  • Birthdays:

Giving a single rose or a bunch of flowers on someone’s birthday is either too formal and cliché or just doesn’t feel right, but when it comes to this box of roses, there is a twist. With the help of customization, you can have the age written in the middle with the color of your choice and surround it with a contrasting color. Gifting someone flowers on a birthday with the number designed on it through roses will be instilled in their memories forever and what can be better than that?

  • Housewarming:

Since these roses are designed for indoors, gifting them on a house warming party is the best idea that one can think of. We all like to decorate our house with flowers, but all the flowers that are received on a housewarming party, die pretty much at the same time. Your acrylic keepsake box of roses will not only last but will also be the centre of attention for anyone that visits the house.

  • Valentine’s Day:

A discussion on roses and how they are and will remain a part of fashion cannot end without stating their significance on this day. Luxury roses are like a complete package when it comes to valentine: Firstly, they are roses. Secondly, you can have a perfect blend of red and black or red and white roses which will complement the theme of this occasion. Lastly, it will last until next year so that you can be creative in customizing your order again!