12 Weird Las Vegas Laws to Baffle You

The incarceration rate in Nevada is the 12th highest in America. One would think that this is because of the state’s lax regulatory laws and the fact that Las Vegas is synonymous with bachelor parties and gambling sprees. Surprisingly, however, Las Vegas has very specific laws in place, violation of which can land the culprit in troubled waters. 

Here are 12 of the weirdest Las Vegas laws that will have you laughing:

You Can’t Feed the Pigeons

Since Las Vegas attracts thousands of tourists every year, city officials want to keep it as litter-free and organized as possible. The ordinance outlawing feeding pigeons actually referred to the birds as “flying rats”. Isolated incidents can be ignored with a warning, but serial violation is a misdemeanor that can attract a hefty fine, or six months of imprisonment.

Police Assistance Reserved for Major Accidents Only

Unless an accident has caused traffic to spiral out of control or has led to an injury or death, Vegas police have the right to remain indifferent. Minor cases like fender benders will not fetch you any help. The underlying motive for this law is apparently to keep the police free to investigate serious violations of law.

Don’t Ride Your Camel On the Highway

Since Nevada is primarily a desert region, in the early 19th century, people would use camels as a beast of burden and a mode of transport. However, as the use of cars and bigger vehicles became commonplace on the highways in Nevada, camels and their riders would often meet with accidents, leading to a ban that exists till date.

Throwing Stuff from Chairlifts Is Illegal

Outlandish laws stem from outlandish incidents, and Vegas is full of them! With many skiers being under the influence while being transported to the tops of slopes, there have been cases where objects thrown from the chairlifts they were on have caused serious harm to persons or property at the bottom, and hence, this law was put into effect.

You Can’t Enjoy Hip-Hop Concerts

Tupac Shakur’s drive-by shooting changed the scene for hip-hop in Vegas forever. The increasing violence in the city had to be blamed on a scapegoat, and hip-hop seemed like an easier target than alcohol that was actually a prime factor in the assassination. The city outlawed such concerts and gigs as affiliated to the genre, and the law remains in effect to this day.

You Can’t Enjoy Hula Hoops Either

Hula hoops are prohibited on Fremont Street for a very specific reason. With flash mobs and impromptu street performers using the hoops in their acts, which took up a lot of space and caused traffic conditions to worsen in the neighboring area, which is why government officials put a ban on them.

Rentals Are Valid for A Month

Permanent residents of the city understandably get tired of the non-stop inflow of party tourists into the city all year round. Thus, in order to ensure the peace and security, the Las Vegas government, through a rigid city ordinance, laid down that tourists can rent residences in the city for no less than a month at a time.

Pawning Your Dentures is Prohibited

Believe it or not, this law is an outcome of elderly gambling addicts attempting to pawn their dentures in a desperate bid to keep their streak going. Not that shops accepted dentures as a worthy item in the first place, but customers would often demand that they be obliged. A law was put into effect accordingly.

Prostitution Is Illegal

Nothing baffling about this law, but with Las Vegas’ reputation of being a “Sin City”, tourists assume that soliciting is within their rights, leading to their arrests. Considering that this turn of events is quite serious and commonplace, if your loved one has been arrested for the same, locate them using PrisonRoster prison and inmates database, and take the necessary steps for their acquittal.

There’s A Time for Walking Your Pets

The Vegas City Council banned dogs, allowing them to be walked on the Strip between 5 in the morning and noon only. This move was considered necessary to hold accountable irresponsible dog-owners, who would leave their dogs out in the midday summer sun, leading to deterioration in the animals’ health. There have also been accounts of dogs biting tourists.

Check Your Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are made of bath salts, some of which can be consumed in different ways as an alternative to hard drugs. Tourists and residents, alike, have fallen prey to such narcotic substances, with users having to be rushed to the nearest ER with heart palpitations and mental episodes. The use of certain bath salts has, thus, been banned.

Use of Megaphones Are Prohibited

In keeping with the Las Vegas City Council’s attempts to make the city as peaceful as possible for permanent residents, the use of megaphones has been restricted to certain zones and within certain time periods. Special permissions have to be sought for exceptions. However, this ordinance keeps getting declared unconstitutional when challenged in courts.

Concluding Remarks

Having become aware, you are now better prepared for your trip to Vegas. Keep the number of a qualified lawyer in your pocket should you run into trouble.