Macau vs Las Vegas

Any person with even the slight interest in gambling or having a good time will get excited by the mere mention of Macau and Las Vegas. These two magnificent cities have firmly cemented their position as top gambling and partying paradises of the world. Las Vegas, a city established in 1905 in Nevada, serves as one of the main tourist destinations in the US. Macau, formally a Portuguese territory, is a major tourist attraction site in Asia. The two cities attract millions of tourists every year. The real question among thrill seekers has been, “Between Macau and Las Vegas, which is the best destination?” To answer this question. let’s see what each of these cities has to offer.


Las Vegas boasts more than 310 hotels each averaging over 200 rooms. This ranks Las Vegas as the 87th city with most hotel rooms in the world. The growth of the Las Vegas hotel industry is supported by the high number of tourists the city hosts every single day. In 2018, Las Vegas hosted approximately forty-three million tourists. Approximately 87% of these tourists stay overnight and 65% more than 3 days in the city. This raises the demand for hotel rooms. The prices per night in the hotels in Vegas keep on rising depending on the season averaging to around 125- 130 dollars per night.

On the other hand, Macau is home to slightly more than 40,000 hotel rooms. This is largely because the demand for rooms in Macau is not as high as in Vegas. Also, Macau receives millions of tourists, but only 50% of them stay overnight. This has discouraged investors from setting up hotels in the city. For as little as 35 dollars, you can find a decent room to spend the night in Macau.

Casinos and Gambling

If there are international gambling competitions often found at the best slot sites and poker portals, then their ‘Olympus’ is definitely in one of these two cities. Both Macau and Las Vegas host multiple gambling centers. It is hard for you to walk a significant distance without spotting a luxurious casino in both Macau and Las Vegas. Most casino in these cities sit on thousands of square feet of land.

With over 100 casinos, Las Vegas ranks as the city with most casinos in the world. According to data taken last year, more than 69% of the tourists visited a casino during their stay in L.A. On the other hand, Macau has only 49 casinos, but 75% of tourists who visited Macau last year took part in gambling activity.

In terms of revenue generated, Las Vegas generated a total of 11 billion dollars in Gambling revenue. This may sound a lot, but it pales compared to the 28 billion dollars generated by Macau. Unlike the case with Macau – the city of serious gamblers – gambling is not the main agenda for most tourists to L.A. Casinos in Macau are also more than 2x larger than those in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas may be the leading gaming hub in the US, but Macau is the best gaming hub in the World.

Other than casinos, Las Vegas boasts of many other tourist destinations. Based on these facts; if the purpose of your visit is to enjoy the party life, then Vegas is the place to go. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy ultimate gambling experience in the best, Macau is the destination you have been looking for.