Las Vegas Can Say Bye-Bye Vape Clouds

Las Vegas Can Say Bye-Bye Vape Clouds
For responsible adults, vaping is a lifestyle choice. In Las Vegas, the original Sin City, adults can vape and smoke inside multiple locations within the casinos leading to an influx of smoke. While unassuming to the vaper, these plumes can ultimately be invasive to those who don’t smoke or vape.  However, thanks to Philter Labs, Inc., Las Vegas can help encourage conscientious, universally acceptable vaping practices with their new products.

Onsite in Las Vegas at CHAMPS 2019, Philter Labs, Inc. is debuting a new style of sophisticated, personal filtration products featuring its pioneering Zero-5 technology.  Offering two distinct solutions – the PHILTER Pocket, a handheld personal filter for use with your favorite smoke accessory or the PHILTER Phlip, an accessory that attaches a personal filter to your favorite pen or stick device, Philter Labs is hoping to provide responsible adults the option to enjoy vaping in a traditional manner or to filter vape clouds based on a particular environment.

By simply inhaling their vapor plume into the Pocket or Phlip, people who vape can keep the air around them smoke-free. The patented technology is housed in a filter measuring less than 4” tall and made of sleek, durable silicone, making PHILTER products convenient and portable.

“The true beauty of these products is that they give you a choice as the vape user,” said Christos Nicolaidis, CEO, Philter Labs. “Sometimes you’re going to want to blow big, fat clouds. And that is totally cool. But, inevitably, you’re going to encounter situations where your vapor plume might impact those around you. If you have a PHILTER with you and the need arises, you’re immediately prepared to filter your smoke and carry on with your day-to-day activities.”

“In a lot of ways, this leads to some freedom. You’re not encumbered by this vape plume anymore which can lead to social isolation and stigma,” adds Nicolaidis. “We believe in everyone’s personal rights and zero judgement for the choices we make as adults and we think PHILTER can help facilitate this mutual respect amongst vapers and non-vapers.”

Specific to Las Vegas, there is upside to vapers adopting the concept of “philtering” emissions. As our ZERO-5 technology is aimed at reducing the pollutants, particulates, and VOCs that are typically airborne, and as we get more data from our lab testing, we believe PHILTERING will one day be a common everyday occurrence in the Food and Beverage industry.  Owner/ operators of casinos and nightclubs, and cannabis lounges, as well as promoters of concerts and events, are seeking ways to reduce second-hand smoke while giving their patrons the freedom they need.  These venues could one day be “PHILTER ONLY ZONES” where everyone can benefit from these new vaping behaviors across the board.

Check out PHILTER’s sophisticated, discreet, portable personal filtration solutions at Now Vegas can stay awesome and everyone can have a good time.