Best Coffee in Vegas

It may come as a surprise to you that the whimsical land that is Vegas isn’t all glitz & glamour. There’s also…coffee! 

And a lot of it at that.

Finding the best place to enjoy your morning cuppa can be similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Usually people in the area are too spent from the Vegas parties the night before to give any helpful guidance.

Your solution: We’ve put together a few of the best places to grab a fresh brew on the Vegas strip.

Once you know where to head when you leave the house, we’ll also explore ways to access that perfect cup from the comfort of your own home.

Vegas or no Vegas, grind and brew coffee makers are all the rage & something every coffee lover should invest in for homes or offices. We’ll break down some of the features and benefits of these nifty devices a bit later.

First, to Vegas.

Where to Go?

Just because you’re in Vegas doesn’t mean your regular daily routine should be neglected. We know you still value your caffeine and are willing to face the bright outdoors to get it, even after a big night out on the strip.

What follows, in no specific order, are some of the most renowned coffee spots in Las Vegas. Coffee culture is booming in the district. Make it a mission to visit at least one while in town.

Mothership Coffee

The nature of places like Vegas is that flourish thanks to secret, hidden gems. This coffee shop is one of those; nestled deep within the most unassuming of strip malls.

The great thing about Mothership Coffee is that it doesn’t come with the attitude that many other cafes in Vegas tend to have. The space is all about friendly staff, happy customers and down right delicious coffee.

The cafe is located in Green Valley Plaza. It also offers an array of fresh-baked pastries and chocolates to accompany your brew of choice.

For anyone in need of some internal TLC this coffee spot should be the first stop of the day.

Makers & Finders Coffee

This coffee spot is located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. It’s rumored to be the best coffee in town… but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

The coffee is brewed by experts and they offer a Latin-centric menu too. So whether you’re in need of both a bite and a cuppa, or just the brew, they have you covered.

The concept of Makers & Finders was fueled by the owners’ love of specialty coffee. They consider themselves the “ripest peaches” of the coffee world. Tourists from far and wide agree.

Sambalatte Torrefazione

This is a coffee house that has won many awards through independent reviews, including best cappuccino in Las Vegas.

What makes SambalatteTorrefazione so unique is that all its coffee beans are sustainably sourced. The entire business is also eco-friendly which drives tourists there from far and wide.

The vibe of the space is exceptionally laid back when compared to the rest of the chaos of the city. They feature weekly performances by local artists and coffee lovers from all over are in full attendance at these events.

DIY: Grind & Brew at Home

While any of the above mentioned coffee spots are reason enough to get you out of the house, a quality grind and brew coffee maker may be just enough to keep you in.

While visiting specialty coffee cafes is a fun past time, today there’s another option to acquiring that perfect cup. Grind and brew coffee makers are the new at-home solutions to cafe quality coffee.

By investing in one of these machines you can brew using your own selection of beans from the comfort of your own home. As the name suggests, grind and brew coffee makers take care of every step of the coffee making process from the grinding of the beans to the brewing of the beverage.

Grind and brew coffee machines eliminate the need to ever leave the house for coffee again. What’s more you’ll enjoy the freedom of sourcing and mixing your own array of coffee beans from all over the world.


Most grind and brew coffee makers come with features that extend past just the simple brewing of the drink.

In most models, you’ll be able to preset specific times at which the machine should prepare your coffee. If you wake up at 7am, a cup can be ready and waiting. No need for you to do anything other than pick it up for the first sip.

Some grind and brew coffee makers are compact enough to take with you on travels. This means you’ll be able to take the machine on any overnight trips where you might not have access to fresh coffee in the morning.

Grind and brew coffee makers also have the ability to enter what is known as “standby mode”. This saves electricity without ever turning the machine off which means it will be ready to brew the minute you need it to.


There are many benefits that come with investing in a grind and brew coffee maker for your home:

  • Access to cafe quality, specialty coffee at all times
  • A coffee maker is a once off investment, aside from the beans and milk, so you’ll save money per cup in the long run
  • You’ll be able to experiment with flavors and bean combinations as your collection grows
  • Compact units are portable and can go with you on road trips or travels
  • Have your cup ready and waiting in the morning using the pre-programmed timer settings
  • Since the machine grinds the beans for you, you’ll save time in never having to do this again

While Vegas has an abundance of impressive coffees on offer, there’s nothing quite like the aromas of freshly ground coffee spiraling around your kitchen.

When you’re not in the mood to head out be sure you have your grind and brew coffee machine at the ready.

We can smell it already…can’t you?