Top Travel Destinations Vegas Residents Die For

When Vegas residents decide to travel, they pick the richest destination with many beautiful attractions.  In most of the cases, these residents tend to exotic and intricate locations around the world. Certainly, there are many activities that can be done in Vegas. However, with some tempting travel packages, Vegas residents have plenty of good travel options. Throughout this article, Vegas residents will be introduced to perfectly-tailored Egypt and India travel packages.

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

Vegas residents tend to spend a great time in Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. If you ever wished to enjoy the snow in a Las Vegas valley, then this is the right spot for you. The temperature in the park is usually 20 degrees lower than on the Valley. However, on the summer days, visitors can escape the sizzling temperatures of Las Vegas valley and enjoy cooler temperature.

This area includes spectacular mountain scenery, a variety of pure natural ecosystems and opportunity to fully-enjoy the wildlife. This is the only place in Nevada where you’ll find Bristlecone pines, one of the oldest life forms on Earth. Most of the visitors enjoy The National Recreation Area tremendously that they leave the park with a strong desire to come back.


India is one of those travel destinations that gained popularity over the past few years. Fortunately, India travel packages are numerous and developed according to the traveler’s needs.

Las Vegas residents consider India traveling packages as a perfect tool to discover new destinations that are outside the US. Since it is more beneficial, Vegas residents tend to select from all-inclusive and gold packages to enjoy their travel to the maximum.

For instance, various travel agencies are focused on tailoring tours, where tourists can explore different cities and areas in India. After that a tourist explores New Delhi, the journey will continue in the neighboring cities. Most commonly, Vegas agencies recommend itineraries that will let the guest fully-explore Jaipur and Agra City in a short time.

Most travel agencies in Vegas are aiming to include many perks and benefits to their packages. Obviously, accommodation is one of the main advantages, yet transportation, food and monument entrance fees are also included in the package cost.

Nile Cruises, Egypt

Another popular travel package among Vegas residents is the Nile River Cruise. Several travel agencies have this special trip featured in their portfolios. Mostly, a cruise includes Luxor, Aswan and Lake Nasser. It is the perfect way to explore the greatness of Ancient Egypt. The intricate mix of modern and ancient structures that can be perceived from the Nile banks is surely impressive. It is one of the main reasons why residents of Vegas are interested to see these structures in their original version. Obviously, they do have some pyramids in their vicinity, but their beauty fades instantly in face of the real ones.

For all Vegas residents who think that Egypt is unsafe can be rest assured that they will have a very safe trip in Egypt. Egypt has relatively a low crime rates, also the governmental measures to increase safety are constantly implemented and re-enforced.

While Vegas has some gems to offer when it comes to travel and entertainment, broadening your horizons in other parts of the world surely has its charm. Getting contact with different cultures, cuisines and customs may be the main reasons why people in Sin City choose such packages rather than the ones focused on US-travel. Get your visa and start your adventures!