Adult Entertainment Group Deja Vu Services, Inc. Hires Stormy Daniels as Spokeswoman

Adult Entertainment Group Deja Vu Services, Inc. Hires Stormy Daniels as Spokeswoman
Deja Vu Services, Inc.
, the largest adult entertainment group in the world, has hired Stormy Daniels as its official corporate spokeswoman. 

The company, which has nearly 200 strip clubs and adult retail stores internationally, felt that Daniels’ wide appeal, superb communication and lobbying skills, and extensive connections make her a perfect candidate for the position.

“Even though we’re already known worldwide as the unparalleled leader in live adult entertainment and adult retail stores, we feel that having Ms. Daniels as our Official Spokesperson will take our public relations efforts to new heights. With almost 200 clubs and stores internationally, we always have various PR and lobbying needs that affect the adult entertainment industry at large,” said Kristi Flores, company representative.

Among its vast plans, Deja Vu intends to have Ms. Daniels confront industry issues such as the discriminatory legislation being peddled by Louisiana legislators to further marginalize women in the state. The proposed legislation seeks to unconstitutionally raise the age limit on female adult entertainers from 18 to 21. Other issues, like the State of California’s efforts to remove workers’ choices when it comes to their classification as employees, are also on its list of issues to tackle.

“We’re very excited to have Ms. Daniels join our team of over 4,500. Her involvement as a spokesperson and role model will promote a positive image of the adult entertainment industry and help fight the daily government intrusion we face from politicians looking to regulate our personal choices. Additionally, we plan to continue scheduling her feature entertainer appearances across the world at our various locations,” Flores continued.

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