Watch out, California. The Housing Market is Heating up in Nevada [Infographic]

Nevada Real Estate Reigns Supreme [Infographic]
The housing market in Nevada is heating up, while at the same time, the real estate market in California is getting more and more competitive. Perhaps this is why many are considering making the move from CA’s big cities like Los Angeles to our very own Las Vegas (See Full Infographic Below – Source: 

We recently came across this infographic from DK properties that compares living in Nevada versus California. It examines the housing market and job market and breaks down numbers like median home values, cost of living, job growth, etc. 

For example, the graphic looks at cities in each state and shows a side-by-side comparison of city data. When comparing Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the graphic highlights how the median condo price from Vegas to LA is nearly triple! The graphic also looks at the increase in home value and overall cost of living index score in each city and it’s no surprise that Las Vegas is nearly 45% less expensive to live in than Los Angeles!

The ultimate conclusion — Nevada is much more affordable than California!

Nevada Real Estate Reigns Supreme [Infographic]