When in Vegas – How to Order a Martini Like a Boss

When it comes to ordering a martini, the idea of it can be unnerving. There’s a few basics you’ll need to get down, and soon, before long, you’ll be a pro at ordering the right one for your taste. Here’s how you can enter the world of martinis, and excel. 

The main thing to be aware of is the ingredients, what makes a martini? A rich and velvety blend of 2 parts gin or vodka, and 1 part vermouth i.e fortified wine (white or dry) is what results in the drink. Now, this is for those who really can take a punch, because it can be impactful. There are variations when it comes to making the perfect cocktail, and you need to know the menu in order for you to choose the right drink.

Familiarize yourself with the lingo so that you get exactly what you want, and you don’t embarrass yourself jumbling words and stuttering, trying to explain to the bartender your order. A “wet” martini has a ratio of 1:4, more vermouth than alcohol. This will give you a drink with more flavor of the wine and less gin or vodka. A “dry” martini as you can assume is the opposite. A “very dry” on the other hand results in a 6:1 ratio, you’ll get barely a drop of vermouth. If you’re looking to add scotch to the tasty blend, ordering a “burnt” martini is the ideal choice.

Ordering a clean martini means you won’t be getting any decorations. A simple drink without garnishes. If you like the hint of flavor, ordering a “dirty” martini might be a good choice. Mixed with olive brine and an olive garnish, it makes a tasty blend. If you’re into a more citrus-y mood, a martini “with a twist” is the right for you, as the drink comes topped with lemon. The “Gibson” although fairly unpopular, comes with a slice of onion, for a more unique taste. If you really want the drink to kick, ask the bartender to cover the rim with salt. It gives a different texture as well as adds to the drink.

By this point, you’ve learnt the basics, but only flavor wise. If you’re interested in getting drinks that will send chills through your body, and possibly make you the designated driver, a classic “on the rocks” is the way to go. Getting a “straight up” is similar as the drink is mixed with ice, then shaken or stirred as desired. When it comes to getting “shaken” or “stirred”, the choice is simple. Stir the gin, shake the vodka. Shaking the gin will result in the alcohol separating giving an unsatisfactory texture. Stirring the vodka won’t let the flavors blend well enough.

You may be wondering, what does a martini look like? The smooth drink is poured into wide rimmed glasses, conical in shape and ideal for the strong smell that accompanies it. However, a martini can be served in traditional glasses as well. Now that you are aware of the workings, you are now ready to show off your skills.