The Rise of eSports

There is a new sensation sweeping many nations in the world of sports and it probably isn’t what you think. Have you ever heard of eSports? If you haven’t, it might be time to get caught up on the news, because eSports is a scene that has been growing more rapidly than any other sports venues out there currently. 

So what is it? It is video games. Yes, believe it or not video games have become a spectators sport, and in a big way. In just a few short years eSports, or competitive gaming made the transition from the basement of a few social outcasts to flooding one of the biggest venues out there with passionate fans.

Viva Las Vegas

If you don’t believe that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to pay big money to watch their favorite players play a video game, just check out the latest news in Vegas. The first eSports arena ever is coming to the Las Vegas strip. You heard that right, there will soon be an exclusive venue in Vegas dedicated entirely to watching other people play video games.

Competitive gaming at a professional level has generated millions of dollars in revenue already, and now the gambling scene is looking to cash in on this new money-making venture. Competitive gaming got its origins in South Korea, but recently came to the states in a big way, and anything that gets popular in America, you can bet the rest of the world is likely to follow.

Hot News

eSports are the hottest topic in Vegas news right now. Just like the rise of the online casino, eSports promise to bring a whole new kind of customer to Vegas, a younger, more enthusiastic crowd that brings plenty of money with them. The fan loyalty and passion of eSports enthusiasts are what really has Vegas investors interest peaked in this growing trend.

There are not many things that can get big bank roll Vegas investors to turn their attention away from their current prospects, but the eSports scene has proven itself to be too juicy of an opportunity to pass up, even for the oldest and most established money makers in the area. So keep your ear to the ground, you are likely to be hearing a lot more about eSports in the sporting and gambling community. And if eSports gets accepted in Vegas, there is no telling how far this community will go.