City of Henderson Approves Nearly $1.5 Million for Local Education Needs

City of Henderson Approves Nearly $1.5 Million for Local Education Needs
Mayor Debra March
and the Henderson City Council approved the distribution of nearly $1.5 million in combined funding on Tuesday for local classroom, student and teacher needs as part of the city’s ongoing commitment to education. 

Eye on Education – City of Henderson -with Mayor Debra March

“Henderson residents value education and they support our efforts to improve student outcomes by investing in our local schools,” said Mayor Debra March. “Today we are providing nearly $1.5 million in funding that will be directly used to meet education needs in designated schools that serve Henderson students. This includes more than $1.3 million collected from our redevelopment areas and nearly $150,000 that was collected in fees from recreational marijuana sales in our community. The 32 projects approved for funding were selected based on applications submitted by Henderson principals and teachers that highlighted the specific educational needs in their individual schools.”

The funding, which was also approved by the City of Henderson’s Redevelopment Agency, will be used for a variety of needs, including: technology resources for students like laptops and Chromebooks, classroom libraries, enhanced curriculum, after-school tutoring programs, professional development for teachers, a pre-kindergarten skills assessment, school facility improvements and an innovative behavioral program designed to treat students suffering from childhood trauma.

More than $1.34 million in funding was provided through the 2018-2019 Henderson Redevelopment Agency Education Set-Aside Fund. The set-aside allocates 18 percent of tax revenue received from property located in the Downtown and Eastside redevelopment areas toward schools located in or within one mile of those areas or that serve students that live in those areas. While the 18 percent set-aside had originally been limited for use on school facilities, the City of Henderson successfully advocated in the 2017 session of the Nevada Legislature for a change in state law that now allows those dollars to go towards student achievement.

The Mayor and Council also approved distribution of $148,000 in funding received from revenue generated by the collection of business fees from retail marijuana establishments in Henderson. These businesses pay a 3 percent license fee every six months based on their gross revenue. Henderson dedicates 30 percent of all the revenues collected from the fee on recreational marijuana sales directly to education.

The City invites Henderson public schools to submit applications detailing specific education needs that they are seeking to have funded. Projects are reviewed and funded once per year. More than 35 schools submitted applications requesting a total of nearly $3 million in educational programming and support. Twenty-two schools received funding through the redevelopment set-aside funds and requests from ten additional schools were funded utilizing proceeds from recreational marijuana fees.

Funding recommendations were vetted through an extensive application process, scored using a set of key priority measures created by the Henderson Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB) and reviewed by the joint schools planning group (which includes the City and Clark County School District), the Henderson Redevelopment Agency and members of the CEAB.

The 15-member CEAB was formed in March 2017 and represents a community blend that includes parents, teachers, business leaders, school administrators, college representatives, non-profit organization members and other individuals who share an interest in enhancing local learning environments.

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