Which Water Park Would You Choose?

Which Water Park Would You Choose?
If you fancy soaring down an enclosed tube in a four-passenger raft that opens into a funnel containing what is probably the world’s largest man-made waves or maybe riding a 300-foot-long slide outfitted with video screens to play a game where corresponding colours are pushed on a controller matching different coloured panels to score points then you might want to consider Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas or Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas, the two leading water park attractions in Las Vegas (Pictured: The Tornado at Wet’n’Wild)

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Outside it can become blisteringly hot, so a water park and its related attractions appeals to many but which one to choose?

Well, first it has to be said that both parks have their good points, and both are great entertainment too, both are large and provide plenty of fun on a hot day for the whole family.

Water Slides: When temperatures soar above 100 degrees there is nothing quite like standing in the middle of a waterpark choosing which one to try next.

Wet’n’Wild boasts The Rattler which sends you soaring down a twisting course in small rafts that rock you back and forth horizontally along the walls of the chute.

The Rattler at Wet'n'Wild
The Rattler at Wet’n’Wild

Wet’n’Wild also features the Hoover Half Pipe, a ride that combines a half pip finale with a white-water rafting experience. There is also a 57-foot drop which sees passengers zooming up a wall and then free-falling right back down.

Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas is actually located in nearby Henderson, Nevada and is about the same size as Wet’n’Wild. It also has a good selection of slides, rides and other attractions.

Wild Surf at Cowabunga Bay
Wild Surf at Cowabunga Bay

Wild Surf at Cowabunga Bay is the first ride of its kind anywhere and sees its passengers on four passenger rafts, soaring down an enclosed tube and out into an open funnel which contains a massive man-made wave. You have to crash though the wave and ride up and down the funnel for a few minutes before exiting. Jaw dropping excitement is an understatement for this awesome water ride.

If you are into starting from a high point then you could opt for Cowabunga Bay’s Zuma ZOOMa that starts at a height of 73 feet and uses a launch capsule to send its passengers hurtling into a 360° horizontal loop.

Both water parks have similar food with choices like burgers, pizza and other fast food. You’ll also find ice cream vendors if you are so inclined.

To help make your decision, watching this video:

Wet’n’Wild vs. Cowabunga Bay