Fingerprinting Express Offers Complimentary Fingerprint Services to Teachers Statewide in Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Fingerprinting Express Offers Complimentary Fingerprint Services to Teachers Statewide in Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week
Fingerprinting Express
is offering 400 teachers free fingerprinting services, in May, during Teacher Appreciation Week Fingerprinting Express is based in Nevada with stores in Reno, Carson City, South West Las Vegas and Central Las Vegas, is the leader in fingerprinting, Notary, passport photos and additional services across the state of Nevada. 

They are proud to announce that they have launched a new Culture to Care promotion that will run between May 7 and 12, 2018. The promotion will run in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week. Since 1984, National PTA has designated one week in May to celebrate the outstanding contributions teachers make.

The Fingerprinting Express teacher appreciation promotion is targeting teachers and substitute teachers that require fingerprints for their Nevada Department of Education License, in particular for initial licensing and renewals.

Monica Pappas, CEO of Fingerprinting Express says: “Fingerprinting Express will be providing free fingerprints for the first 100 teachers at each Fingerprinting Express store statewide for a total of 400 free fingerprint services for teachers whether they process either FD258 hard cards or Livescan technology. This will be offered by appointment only, made online through our website.”

The promotion will only be available for Nevada Department of Education licensure. This means those looking at fingerprinting services for County processing will not be able to access the service for free. If you happen to be a private or charter school, contact Fingerprinting Express directly to discuss special pricing for your teachers, substitute teachers and volunteers.

The first 400 teachers to set an appointment online for a fingerprint background check, at one of the 4 store locations, will not be charged the fingerprint fees, resulting in discounts of up to $8,000 worth of fingerprints to teachers across the state of Nevada. This type of ‘giving to’ the community is in line with Fingerprinting Express’ Culture to Care. Through this, they have already discounted over $60,000 in services for teachers, nonprofits, active military, and volunteers in the last two years alone.

“Our Culture to Care philosophy at Fingerprinting Express is simple,” adds Monica Pappas. “We believe that nothing touches people more than selfless acts of kindness. We practice this approach both with our customers and in our communities. We appreciate everything teachers do for our kids and the least we can do is show our appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week.  When it comes to our communities, we encourage our partners, vendors and staff to volunteer their time and/or financial support to a cause close to their hearts.”

The company’s core values will also be demonstrated during the promotion. These include handling all customers with patience, showing concern for their best interests, being willing to listen, being efficient during their servicing process, showing respect at all times, providing a superior service, being hospitable at all times, and respecting people’s privacy. Monica Pappas says: “Culture to Care extends throughout all of our store locations. Our system is stronger when we are working together to protect our community’s vulnerable populations while setting high industry standards for accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. In our business, we have to care in order to properly process our applicants.”

Founded in 2003, Fingerprinting Express is a national leader in fingerprint background checks and is a designated Women’s Business Enterprise.  Most notably, Fingerprinting Express is one of just a few businesses in the state offering Livescan fingerprinting technology, widely considered the most accurate form of background checks available. Fingerprinting Express has the ability to send Livescan fingerprints electronically to the State of Nevada and to the FBI and to provide its customers with hard fingerprint cards and is an approved vendor for Nevada Boards and Divisions.  The FBI Express Criminal History report generates results within 24 hours.

For more information on Fingerprinting Express, visit or call (800) 919.0227.