John Bourgeois from Shares How to Dress to Impress Despite the Vegas Heat in 2018

Las Vegas, or Sin City, is not just a place for gambling, pool parties, and strip joints. It’s a place to see and be seen, and with 39 million visitors to Las Vegas in 2017 you have a lot of eyes on you. 

But in the desert, your normal ‘go to’ fashion options don’t apply. You want to be fashionable, but you also want to be comfortable. John Bourgeois from is a design director and fashionista who believes that comfort and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. He’s here to show how women can still rock a trendy look without compromising on comfort in the Vegas heat.

Here’s what you should have in your suitcase in 2018.

A Great Pair of Heels

Heels are a ‘must have’ for any women who wants to look good. But don’t just pull out your pair of black heels. You want to choose a neutral color, such as brown or beige.

Anywhere else, these are boring colors, but in the desert, you’re blending right into the environment. Plus, from a comfort perspective, John always recommends a neutral color because black absorbs heat, whereas lighter colors will actively keep your feet cool.

Sexy and Cool at the Pool Party

During the day, you’ll want to cool off at one of the legendary pool parties raging along the strip. A trendy option is the Satin Cover-Up Maxi Dress.

These luscious dresses allow you to slip it right off when you’re ready to jump into the pool. The folds hang in just the right places to leave you looking sexy yet comfortable.

That Little Black Dress

John is a big fan of the little black dress. Keep in mind that the temperature can drop heavily at night, so you can afford to switch to black in the evenings.

Your choice of little black dress depends on your figure and how daring you want to be, but you can’t go wrong with any style of black dress. If it fits well, you’ll be the belle of the ball.

The Casual Dress

Show off a little leg while maintaining a show of modesty with a high-neck dress. The high-neck dress is a vogue option that can work well with or without a pair of shorts.

Stripes are popular right now, so a high-neck dress with horizontal stripes will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Don’t Forget the Purse

You don’t want to be carrying an oversized purse around with you in the Las Vegas heat.  Opt for a little leather clutch bag. This is where you can get away with those dark colors in the heat.

There are so many options for clutch bags, but make sure it fits your figure because it’s easy for a clutch bag to become a real, sweaty hassle if you get it wrong.

Last Word – Beat the Heat in Vegas

These fashion options will help you beat the heat in Vegas this year. Try out different options and make sure that you always choose fit over style.

Staying fashionable should not be a hassle!