When Only the Best Will Do

When Only the Best Will Do
You can’t beat playing at a casino for some truly exciting entertainment, but just imagine traveling to Las Vegas and experiencing some of the best entertainment and hotels you are going to find in the world (Photo credit: Bellagio)

Take as an example, the Bellagio which has a whole lot more going for it than its dancing fountains. It has an amazing casino and of course, it has the pomp and glitz you would expect in Las Vegas, but the Bellagio is also an extremely well-run, well-presented and sleek hotel. With massive public spaces the rooms are very private, restful and intimate where the ‘Tower’ rooms offer the best views of both the desert and the city, although all of the rooms have picture windows. The cost of a room at the Bellagio start at £138 per night.

One of the classic hotels you could possibly stay at in Las Vegas is Caesars Palace which is a completely over-the-top experience from its Colosseum concert hall to a pool complex that sprawls across a massive area where bronzed gods and goddesses laze in cabanas.

The glamour of Caesars Palace is undeniable as everything here looks that little larger than life, and that includes the roulette wheels! There are thousands of rooms to choose from, and Caesars Palace is right at the centre of the Strip. The price of a room here starts at £97 a night.

For movie lovers that have an inkling for past times then the MGM Grand would be a good choice of hotel. Formerly the MGM Grand was the world’s largest hotel and it towers over Las Vegas Boulevard. With a glowing green neon that outlines buildings the MGM Grand also has a 50-ton golden bronze lion statue which takes you back to the time when the casino was owned by a Hollywood movie studio company. Everything here is larger than life and the party atmosphere is undeniable. Rooms here start at £57 a night.

Of course, not all of us can afford to travel and stay at Las Vegas but we still enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing in that type of environment, and that is why many of us turn to our mobiles or computers to find that excitement online.

Not only can you find some excellent high-end casinos to enjoy, there are some truly immersive games that can offer you all the thrills of Las Vegas but from the comfort of your own home, and if you are playing using your smartphone you can enjoy your favourite games whenever and wherever you choose.

But it’s not only the online casino sites that offer casino games and slots for you to enjoy. For example, if you play at a UK licensed online bingo site not only will you get a full selection of bingo games to enjoy but quality sites like swanky bingo also offer their players a great selection of slots, casino games and instant games too, and of course, there are some brilliant bonuses and promotional offers attached to the games.

It might not be the real thing, but if you cannot afford to fly and play in Las Vegas, then choosing to play online is convenient, fun and exiting.