“Hypnosis Unleashed” Starring Kevin Lepine Takes Audiences on a Comedy Thrill Ride at Binion’s Gambling Hall

"Hypnosis Unleashed" Starring Kevin Lepine Takes Audiences on a Comedy Thrill Ride at Binion's Gambling Hall
Hypnotist Kevin Lepine is a 2-time 2 Best of Vegas Winner. Dubbed the “Rock Star of Hypnosis” due to his fast-paced energy, Kevin is one of the highest rated performers in Las Vegas. 

Kevin infuses his fast paced hypnosis with stand-up comedy, razor sharp wit and genuine compassion. Kevin’s volunteers never feel uncomfortable or embarrassed; instead he makes them feel like stars.

“As racy as it is charming!” ~ Las Vegas Magazine

“Kevin is a superstar,”  said Dicky Barrett of Jimmy Kimmel
Live and the Mighty Mighty BossTones

Get hypnotized or watch your friends become stars with this mind-bending Las Vegas show.

With a certification in hypnotherapy, Kevin is taking comedy hypnosis to a whole new level. Everyone has fun!

“I want my volunteers to have the time of their lives. The volunteers have even more fun than the audiences,” says Kevin.

The comedy and corporate world is being blown away by this incredible, award winning performer. You won’t stop laughing as your friends answer their shoes, fight for napkins, turn into Britney Spears and become the stars of the show.

Through it all you will never forget Kevin Lepine!

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Binion’s Gambling Hall
128 E. Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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