Samsung’s 2018 First Look at 146-Inch MicroLED Consumer Modular TV, “The Wall” at Enclave Las Vegas

Samsung's 2018 First Look at 146-Inch MicroLED Consumer Modular TV, “The Wall” at Enclave Las Vegas
Tech giant Samsung held its 2018 “First Look” product unveiling at Enclave Vegas, a 75,000-square-foot customizable special events facility for approximately 500 international guests on Sunday, Jan. 7. The launch, held the two days before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), showcased an impressive lineup of products set to debut in 2018, including the first-ever 146-inch MicroLED consumer modular TV, “The Wall” (Pictured: Samsung’s Jonghee Han and Dave Das on stage unveiling The Wall– Photo credit: Powers Imagery)

Utilizing the 9,000-square-foot Signature Enclave room, multiple meeting rooms and 4,600-square-foot foyer, Enclave transformed into a global press junket for Samsung with speaker panels, foreign and domestic media interviews, meeting areas, product displays and more.

The event showcased Enclave’s full production capabilities, completely enveloped by the Samsung brand through modern engineering, state-of-the-art sound and lighting; cutting edge visual technology with full-color, oversized projections of logos; and video and imagery casted throughout the building. Enclave’s rigging system hoisted several hundred pounds of audio speakers and lighting above the crowd to bring the launch to life, as they lifted more than seven white panels to reveal new products. Unlike any other venue in town, Enclave’s spacious Signature room has a clear ceiling height of 34 feet equipped with the ability to hoist up to 40 tons.

Inside the Signature Enclave room, attendees were treated to activations of new products and a stunning roster of innovative technology, including collaborative smart boards, 8K TVs, curved monitors for an elevated gaming experience, touch screen Bluetooth refrigerators and AI technology with the ability to upscale standard definition content.

Jonghee Han, president and head of visual display at Samsung Electronics, and Dave Das, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America, shared Samsung’s vision of the future to a crowd of worldwide media, technological influencers and other CES attendees.

“Working with Samsung on a product launch of this magnitude is exactly why we built Enclave,” said Keith Conrad, managing partner of Enclave and chief operating officer of sister-company, 3G Productions. “We saw a demand for customizable events space with modern engineering and state-of-the-art production capabilities; and through this event we were able to showcase much of the potential that Enclave has. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have assisted with one of today’s most innovative tech brands – and to bring their vision to life, right here in Las Vegas.”

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