UFC Bantamweight Fighter Jimmy “El Terror” Rivera Visits “The Mike Hammer Show” at Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

UFC Bantamweight Fighter Jimmy "El Terror" Rivera Visits The Mike Hammer Show at Four Queens Hotel & Casino
On Tuesday, December 26, 2017, UFC fighter Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera visited The Mike Hammer Show at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Rivera is a UFC Bantamweight Fighter ranked Top 5 with a record of 21 wins with only 1 loss.

In addition to fighting, Rivera is the head instructor at Tiger Schulmann’s Gym in New York City.

“I am a huge fan of MMA and love watching this guy fight,” said Hammer. “The challenge for me was when I brought his beautiful wife on stage. I asked her to assist me in a routine which involved pickpocketing articles of clothing. I didn’t want to be Jimmie’s 22nd win so I was extra careful”.

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