“Ilusión Mental,” The Las Vegas Strip’s First Spanish-Language Residency, Premieres at Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood Dec. 28

Ilusión Mental, The Las Vegas Strip’s First Spanish-Language Residency, Premieres at Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood Dec. 28
Why a show in Spanish? For starters, Las Vegas is an international destination, and with more than 400-million Spanish speakers worldwide, it only makes sense to offer a residency that they, too, can embrace (Pictured: Mentalist Santiago Michel)

In the U.S. alone, Spanish is the second largest language (more than 41 million speakers), with Hispanics being the largest minority. It’s the perfect moment, then, to offer the highest quality show to an increasingly diverse audience.

Toward that end, it’s time to introduce renowned mentalist Santiago Michel. When you are onstage with Santiago, your mind is an open book. He reads the words on its pages before you can pull it off the shelf. Santiago traces the story of your life chapter by chapter, book by book—including the film adaptation. He understands things about you your own mother will never know. Your heart’s cherished secrets belong to him. Onstage, he transforms you, revises the arc of your life, in just a few thrilling moments.

Now, in his latest one-man, all-in-Spanish show Ilusión Mental, Santiago Michel transports Las Vegas audiences into a realm of powerful suggestion and infinite possibility. Enter a new universe where the human mind is hungry for revelations, for dreams. Audiences will be mesmerized, amazed, and left laughing on the edge of their seats. A 65-minute all-ages show, directed by Alain Bellon, and produced by Tobias Cannon, Ilusión Mental (an anagram for “Une Mil Latinos”) takes a fresh approach to the modern Las Vegas production. The hero of the story unfolding onstage is, in fact, the mind of the audience. With elegant showmanship and uncanny charm, 24-year-old Santiago beckons you into a landscape rife with promise, a playground for the collective unconsciousness.

But don’t think too much about it. Instead be ready for an unforgettable experience.

Stepping into this shifting entertainment landscape (in which Hispanics have the highest buying power of any minority—1.5 trillion in 2017, with an expected growth to 1.7 trillion by 2020) is a dashing new figure: Mexico City’s Santiago Michel. He has performed in more than 10 countries around the globe. His previous show, El Mentalista, recently toured the U.S., Mexico, and Russia. A graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School, Santiago uses his engaging stage presence to connect with audiences, leading them into a world of wonder, imagination, and delight.

Ilusión Mental is completely, satisfyingly “mental.” Ilusión Mental enjoys its landmark preview performance 5:30 p.m., Dec. 28, in Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Performances: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Tickets go on sale Dec. 21, starting at $49.99 (plus taxes & fees), and can be purchased at the Planet Hollywood Box Office, Ticketmaster, or by calling 702-777-7776.