New Book “Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks in the Ass: a Guide to Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential” is Now Available

New Book "Nick Hawk's 100 Kicks in the Ass: a Guide to Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential" is Now Available
Do you really think you lack the abilities to be confident? Think again. Nick Hawk brings you an autobiographical self-help book, using stories from his past, to help you understand that confidence is a skill that can be acquired by anyone. 

Coming from a man who had panic attacks from speaking to his family at the dinner table and after being called upon in class, Nick is now a professional gigolo, confidence and life coach who has helped many people with issues, including: problems with sex and dating, social anxiety and lack of confidence, depression, kicking prescription pills, alcohol abuse and being over-weight.

He brings you 100 “kicks in the ass” – original in-your-face motivational advice that will better your life. This bold, edgy and unfiltered book of truth will change you into a very powerful person with limitless potential. Nick’s not afraid to tell you what you need to hear and he says, “Fu*k conventional wisdom, we can do better!” He clears up the confusion on how you should approach life, in this poorly constructed world. Remember, these are kicks, and not tickles! If you need a kick in the ass, Nick Hawk is the man to do it!

Some examples:

  • Kick #10: There Are No Such Things As Talent Or Gifts
  • Kick #15: Be Better Than Good
  • Kick #25: Beat Yourself Up
  • Kick #31: Fu*K Being Cool
  • Kick #36: Control Your Emotions & Lose The Pointless Ones
  • Kick #39: Don’t Be Sorry
  • Kick #45: Pretend There Are Cameras On You At All Times
  • Kick #48: There Are No Crazy People, Only Lost People
  • Kick #57: Be Competitive
  • Kick #59: Don’t Be Too Humble
  • Kick #63: Be In Touch With Your Sexual Energy
  • Kick #67: Be A One Night Stand Romantic, Not A Hopeless One
  • Kick #76: Be A Ninja
  • Kick #80: Be Intense
  • Kick #93: Don’t Be “Human”

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